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11-17-2009, 14:05:07
Hidden Alphabet 3 is yet another hidden object game in Hidden Alphabet series. Once again you need to find all the letters in order to save the English alphabet.

Play Hidden Alphabet 3 (http://www.gamershood.com/9940/hidden-object/hidden-alphabet-3)

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11-17-2009, 22:29:13
FINALLY! I managed to escape a Hidden Alphabet game on my own! YAYS!

11-17-2009, 22:56:36
deam i can't find either the F or the K

11-18-2009, 04:46:28
deam i can't find either the F or the K

top leFt window area and between the top 2 windows is K
where is I

never mind i found it in the green lights below the tree

11-19-2009, 07:31:38
D anyone?

11-20-2009, 10:02:58
D anyone?

eye of the donkey

01-14-2010, 06:00:16
G is on the ground well right of donkey.:)

I can't Find I, M, or N on the first screen.

Edit: Sorry about that.:)