View Full Version : ArithMatches - Should I finish this game?

Anza Power
11-18-2009, 18:34:30

I dunno when I was making the game alot of things popped up and other projects and stuff and this got kinda pushed back in development heck...

So do you think it's a god idea to try to finish making the game? if so then please give me all the suggestions you can and any slightest flaw or slightest change you think is in place please tell me I really want some criticism...:)

Things left to-do:

Proper Logo and make main menue frame a bit less......dead
Info and Credit pages...
Countdown timer for levels...
better sounds, make the game a bit more active...
Make an IBPArcade version
Think of something to make happen when you finish the game or think of a way to advance gameplay in later levels...

11-18-2009, 20:35:58
First all a game instruction would be needed: move only one match to make the equation correct. Secondly it would be nice if it was possible to undo your action instead of having to complete the mistake (and getting the wrong message).

For the rest all I can say that it's a really nice puzzle game and I would like to see it finished. :)

Edit: level 20 to 23 have actually the same solution.
Level 25 was the last level? :? Because all the levels are now exactly the same.

Anza Power
11-18-2009, 21:41:58
^ As I said the game is still in development and your's truly is so lazy that he created the Info and Credit buttons weeks ago but hadn't yet made any action for them...:P

Undo Action, that could be a good idea, maybe you can undo by putting back the match where you pick it up, that's easily coded...

Both levels have the same solution cause I kinda meant it to, I don't know chich levels are you talking about cause the array gets randomly shuffeled before the start of the game, there are only 25 levels (I wrote them down in civics class out of boredom and then put them in the game) but more levels are easy and it doesn't need much lines of code to make the digits dual digits, so that I have planned...:)

I thought the game would be harder than this, if you finished those 25 easy then I gotta start writing more and not release the game until at least 100 are available...XD

11-19-2009, 22:16:23
Lol, I too wrote down a short instruction, so other "testers" would not have to figure it out themselves. :P

Ah, the levels are randomly shuffled. Then it was just coincidence that I had to change the minus symbol into a solidus three times in a row.

No, I didn't thought it was easy. Some levels I got immediately, but other levels forced me to think. On 3 levels I was stuck for several minutes. But I wouldn't mind more levels. ;)