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11-19-2009, 04:10:02
Another room escape game from no1game.net.
Find and use items, and solve puzzles in order to escape. Good luck :)

Play Here (http://www.no1game.net/games/jp/game0013.html)

Temporary Alternative Link (http://www.omoshirogame.com/escape/wellmirror.html)

Please use spoilers to give hints:
Enter text here...

Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

11-19-2009, 05:08:06
Language isn't a barrier if you change it on the front screen from Japanese to English.

Ok, I'm stuck. I have fertilizer (used--the green thing), a small case (used), a seed (used), a paper clip (used), a cell phone (I need an entry code), a flower pot (used), and a rope (not sure where to use it). I need to water the flowerpot, and cannot get the water up to level to get at it. What to do, what to do...

Never mind. I found the cell phone code (Look very carefully at the book), got the code for the light box, got the key, and got the bucket and ladder.

And I'm out. Great graphics, short game.

11-19-2009, 11:22:48
Short game, but nice graphics and for once pretty logical.

11-19-2009, 11:28:20
I can't get this to work with either link. It won't run in Firefox or Google Chrome, and I don't use IE because it runs slower than dial-up (no exaggeration) for me.

11-19-2009, 15:01:34
I have been able to start it in FF from the main link. But you have to wait a bit until the loading screen appears, that threw me off too at first.
I guess it will get better in 2-3 days when the game isn't new anymore, and the server load will decrease.

11-19-2009, 15:08:12
so how to open the litle black box with 2 buttons?
ok I found it

code for phone on book, and code for black box in phone

11-19-2009, 15:33:41
Out, nice game :D

(But I don't get why they won't let their games host by 1-2 approved partners, and rather choose to let their site go down, and leave behind frustrated players with each of their "own" games... The temporary alternative link does not help at all, never worked for me)

11-19-2009, 15:45:49
Stuck (who'd have figured?) Can't figure out the 3-digit code. I know pillow colors large to small (pink-green-yellow) then green=6, but not sure how to translate it!

Hahaha! Post it and it will work (POP) Just had to wait for my flower to grow!

I liked this game! :D

11-19-2009, 15:47:24
Have you already grown the flower?
Then just count like on a clock. Green is 6, then what numbers are the other 2 colors?

11-19-2009, 15:49:29
Thanks Mistery... I was too impatient for my flower to grow, and then I figured it out easily :D

11-19-2009, 16:30:28
Goodie :D

11-19-2009, 16:58:47
Nor loading for me either. Will try it later too.

11-19-2009, 18:12:22
that was great...:appl:

11-19-2009, 18:53:02
Nice game :D i'm out

11-19-2009, 19:24:30
Nice game & graphics!!! Not too hard either :)

old biker
11-19-2009, 21:31:39
you have to love these games ,this one was kinda easy :)

11-20-2009, 01:50:45
I liked that game, good logic, great graphics, and I got out on my own:)

11-20-2009, 02:27:05
ok Imma a retard where is

cell phone

11-20-2009, 02:29:06
If I remember correctly, it's
in the jammed drawer. You need to get underneath it, and use something to unlock it from there

11-20-2009, 18:40:45
It's been loading for 20 mins, I'm giving up...

11-20-2009, 19:08:52
Nice one - needed a little help to put together all the codes.
Thanks for the hint there Purp!

11-20-2009, 19:56:12
Lording slow. Too many using comcast? the site?
5 minutes ... I'll try again later.

11-20-2009, 20:41:41
Nope, still not loading for me. I give up!

11-20-2009, 20:45:41
Nope, still not loading for me. I give up!

Their server capacity is not high enough. :(
I guess that it will get better in 2-3 days.

11-21-2009, 00:37:23
Can someone please tell me what I do with
the rope, bucket and ladder? I have no clue how to get the water


Nice game not to hard, and great graphics

11-25-2009, 00:42:00
finished, really great game :D

11-25-2009, 06:33:30
Pretty easy game!

11-26-2009, 10:40:06
Like the games that require a bit of logic .... good stuff!

11-30-2009, 11:41:03
that was nice
i liked it

11-30-2009, 16:21:54
Out, really nice game
Good graphics

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