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07-23-2006, 13:30:53
Play game:


Text based RPG.

Key padj
07-23-2006, 14:24:52
first 3 times in a row :nzd: this is a game for geeks dont play it :nzd:

07-24-2006, 22:25:40
Geez, if you don't like it, play something else. Besides, what's wrong with geeks? I'm a nerd, I think it's ok to be one.

07-26-2006, 02:59:43
Ok now i should be scared

07-26-2006, 13:30:30
You gotta give it a go at least, you know it makes sense :)

12-14-2006, 16:28:46
How to play?

vv 123
12-30-2006, 23:47:47
Say, how do you know this game is for geeks? have you tested it and seen what kinda people there is playing it? I think no! I have. and I wouldn't say it's bad. comparing to other muds, this is actually great. check it out yourself, take a good try, and then you can say your opinion.

And for Twan, go to http://www.dragonstone.org/, take play DS, choose either Telnet or download a client, and you'll get more information when you get there. just tell if you don't get it.

08-20-2007, 10:49:37
nzd angry


09-28-2007, 00:41:17
I will try to keep this fairly short, as I know most of you have lives:

1) The player base is the most newbie-friendly, warm group of people I have ever encountered.

2) The helpfiles are incredibly elaborate.

3) Newbies are greeted with online mentors that can answer any questions they have if for some reason the helpfiles don’t cut it.

4) No forced tutorial! (But available if you want one)

5) Role playing isn’t your thing? Fine, don’t role play. There are 200+ levels for you to conquer.

6) Multiclass if you want.

7) The equipment is amazing… and you can even rename them yourself should you have the gold.

Gold is easy to come by

9)If you want to Pk, great! Go ahead and do it.

10) The temples and clans are a breeding ground for role play.

11) Now, I know you all have hit this at some point: the writer’s block… when you can only remember the role plays and stories you USED to have and write and wonder why you can’t get into it again. With dragonstone, there is no strict background story you must follow. You can role play to your imagination’s content.

12) What was that? You hate PK? Great, you’re safe from it. Role play your heart out without fear of being attacked.

13) The greatest thing is that there are player-run clans, bloodlines, wolfpacks. Join.

14) Create an organization. Make it yours. “Breath live into everything you create.” Be an elf, a dwarf… or something a bit more mysterious: a demon, a shadow. There are plenty to choose from.

15) I have seen some of the best work come from the players here at Dragonstone. Liked planned role play? Come and find it. Want to do something impulsive? The players over here can make it happen. Log on.

I guarantee you once you do, you’re going to have a hard time resisting its warm and inspiring atmosphere.

port 1234

11-10-2007, 21:32:04
DragonStone Staff

DragonStone is Growing

Pantheon - November 10, 2007 - Due to the voting efforts of the player base, player reviews, and the newly updated website, DragonStone is growing, gamers say.

"I think the new web site makes players who wouldn't normally check us out do so," claims player Pentamere, who helped create the site, "The golden browns give a feeling of adventure and separates us from other muds that are normally black and drab."

Other veteran players confess to staying for other reasons.

"As an American living in Singapore, DS is my home away from home, my gateway to the imagination, and my escape from a workaholic society," states Thane.

"I play DragonStone to escape the mental pressures of being deployed in a combat zone," admits Coil, who found DS through www.mudconnector.com. Coil is also known as the Heartrender for an elite clan called the Devil Hounds.

"I stopped playing Defense of The Ancients for DragonStone," says a new player, known to the realm as Zeori.

DragonStone has been #1 on the ranking list for www.mudmagic.com for 2 months and has received multiple awards, including Top 10 on www.topopularsites.com and chosen game of the month on www.mudmagic.com of April 2005.

"Earlier this year, we tracked 0-1 votes a day, barely had 150 on the active list with session highs hardly making it to the double digits. Since we've been voting, even hitting #1 on a few months, we've broken into the 200s on active list and have doubled our highs. I think the numbers clearly show this works," concludes Ayne, God of War and DS staff member.

If you want to vote for DragonStone, please visit www.dragonstone.org/vote.html.

For more information, please visit www.DragonStone.org. If you want to get started right away, connect with the client of your choice to www.dragonstone.org port 1234. Happy Gaming!


01-04-2008, 02:24:41
Aden, DragonStone (Lazy Elf Inn) January 3, 2008 - DragonStone.org is holding a game-themed computer desktop wallpaper contest. The winner will receive 200 quest points and will take the calendar cover. Runners up will receive 100 quest points and will take one of the calendar months.

“Quest points can be used for equipment, practices and experience,” reminds Maldwyn, who has been playing DragonStone for 1 year.

The art will be resized for players to download and set as their wallpaper.

All wallpapers should be w11" x h8.5" and at least 300 dpi. This is roughly w3300 pixels x h2550 pixels at 300 dpi The DS staff will resize the wallpaper for screen resolutions.

All submissions will be used to help promote DS in advertising, such as banners and flyers.

"This is our way of saying thank you for your creativity and support for DS," states Anat, a staff member of the game, who is often confused for a gnat, a common American nuisance.

“Actually, now that I think of it, an ex-girlfriend of mine that I was talking to in my hometown is a graphic designer for Miller Lite. Maybe I can get her to design a wallpaper for me. Beer bottles, DragonStone... what's the difference?" Questions Rheard, a long-time gamer of DragonStone. Rheard has been recently defeated by Rijda, who has strangely been missing in action for quite some time.

“It’s possibly revenge,” claims Kelkin, who tries very hard to stay out of the in-game politics. “It’s the only explanation.”

Because of the holidays, the deadline for this contest will be end of January 2008.

For more information, please visit www.dragonstone.org or email anat.dragonstone@gmail.com.

Better yet, connect now: dragonstone.org port 1234.

01-31-2008, 15:17:47
Vampires, Werewolves, and Druids, Oh my!

The roleplay on DragonStone is very rich and filled with history
created not by the game, but its characters. The boards are slathered
in note after note from the imagination of the players.

We don't tell your imagination what to do... we just give it somewhere
to play.

Dragonstone.org port 1234.

05-22-2008, 16:15:12
Anat, Mistress of Beasts

For Immediate Release

Aden, DragonStone - (Immortal Announcements) May 22. 2008 - This
morning the messengers shouted in the streets of Aden, announcing
DragonStone's 12th year anniversary.

"We have been running since 1996, so we've surpassed a decade," stated
Diamante, one of DragonStone's Administrators.

Dragonstone is derived from an EOS2 code base. Since its birth there
has been many enhancements and changes to the code itself. Choose from
16 races and 14 classes. Multiclass if you desire. Breathe life into
whatever you create.

According to Sero, a legendary Necromancer/Vampire, the quest system
has been vastly improved over the years and new areas are still being
created and implemented.

Caimen, DragonStone's founder and owner, has made many enhancements
and changes to the code itself.

"Ds is always in a constant state of change and growth," explains Sero,
"so as the players come and go and grow in numbers, so does the game."

For more information, play DS now by visiting www.DragonStone.org or
connecting to DragonStone.org port 1234.


04-30-2009, 04:25:43
Nope. DragonStone is far more than just another MUD. For 4 years, I've played this game, and there are many people that have played since the game was first created over a decade ago. That's a lot longer than most people can hold a job.

For years before I found DS, I'd searched for a good MUD to play. None could even hold my interest! But when I first created my character on DS, I noticed that this was one game that was different than the many I'd previously tried. There were active Immortals, friendly players, more colours than just the basic black, fun areas, interactive mobs and rooms... The list is endless. The creator of this amazing game, Caimen, is truly a genius.

Boasting 18 races and 14 classes, 3 temples and 7 active clans, a good code base, loads of optional RP, an option to be PK, a great hack-n-slash system with tons of spells for spellcasters, and the most amazing and friendly players I've ever seen, DragonStone is one game that I will never stop playing. Not even if I'm the only one left. The best part? DS is newbie friendly with many active and wonderful mentors to help!

You must try this game. If you decide it's not the right MUD for you, then you'll just have used up a few minutes of your time and I'll think you're crazy. :) But I highly doubt you'll be disappointed. This is an amazing game. No words can really describe it. You just have to play and find out for yourself how truly addicting it is.

05-31-2009, 18:47:23
Well im trying it and dont let me in, say some:horserun: java error.