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old biker
12-28-2009, 14:29:52
you got locked inside the hospital ward room ,when the ward boy had locked the door outside without knowingly that a patient is inside the ward room. as you are the patient, use your knowledge power to escape from the ward room using the available things

good luck (you ll need it)



please use spoilers to give hints

dont post a videowalktrough for 7 days

12-28-2009, 14:53:58
Wow, this isn't easy! So far I got a crank handle (used to crank up the bed), and I found a syringe and it's insert (put together), have a scalpel, mini laser projector, cotton, and a thread Not sure what to do now...

EDIT: used the scalpel to get the drips can and I can turn the fan on and off and move the chair around (but it pops back into place where it was)

Found 2 halves of scissors and two keys using the scalpel (can't remember which is where)--one on zoom in of bathroom wall cutting a blue tile, one using laser pointer on fan after turning it off (crank the bed back down before putting the chair on it to get to the fan), one using laser pointer on wall left of door when you turn right after facing bed, and cutting pillows!

12-28-2009, 14:55:13
I've got a small red key, oil can and part of a surgical scissor.

Found the other key thanks (how stupid of me not to look). I think I now have everything you have Sue.

12-28-2009, 15:19:45
You can put the two keys together with the thread also zooming in on fire extinguisher, but not sure why... oh, and scissors combine with cotton--not sure why...

Gosh I'm stuck! Just checked, and so are the people over at EG24. Hmmm..

YAY! OUT--thanks to Alex over at EG24... use drips can on brown door, then add oil, then use scissors with cotton, then use syringe, then keys! :D

old biker
12-28-2009, 15:37:03
yup ,out too
starting to like gazzyboy games :D

12-28-2009, 23:02:45
yeah, out as well. :D Thanks for the hints where to use the laserpointer. :smileydance:
he sure has a thing about threads...

12-29-2009, 02:00:27
Out, thanks for the help:)