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01-06-2010, 09:45:33
Ghost Box 1 is another point and click room escape game created by Michael Hibbert from Arimux Games and sponsored by EscapeGames24.com for our visitors. "I always seem to have amnesia, when i wake up. Although it is hard to be sure, why do i wake up in these places." Good luck.:clover:


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01-06-2010, 12:16:19
This baby is LONG and without save button, so make sure you have enough time when you start to play.

Ok, here goes..

So far I have found a tube and used it to fix a broken pipe. click somewhere to the right of the painting and you will reveal a secret passage.
I have used a ladder, worked on the round machines You have to open the valves. I'm not sure if I actually closed some of them too, it was a trial and error for me. There are four valves. I made the same pattern with the triangles in water as there is on the pedestal. You can only move one triangle at a time, only two triangles need to me moved, in top and bottom floor I think.
And now have some new machine on the triangle pedestal and a mask and a wire.

The vases in the attick are probably somehow connected to the mask, because the shape of the vase is so that it looks like there is a mask on each side of it. I think I need to find a second mask.
Yep, placed one mask on the painting with the triangles. Need to find another one.

It's in the machine in the same floor with the painting. It opened after I had once again adjusted the valves. Sucks that it doesn't tell when a valve is open/closed. I have no idea if mine were open or not when the machine worked.

Made the vase, used it and now have a key.
Used the key, found yet another machine and now everything's black.

You can go from black to light by clicking the machine.
I found a secret room by using the blackout machine. Correction: Many secret rooms.

Broke the wall under the broken pipe in the basement with a hammer I found in one of the secret rooms. Placed a pipe on the hole, also found in one of the secret rooms. Attached the green hose to the pipe in the black mode.

I used a screwdriver on the screws above the radio and placed the wire from the radio to one of the holes.

Put grapes from the vase tree in the coffee pot.

I took the tube (first item found) and placed it to connect the one I put through the wall with the "main pipe". Got water in the giant water bottle in one of the black rooms and got a blue ball from it.

Now have a blue record.
Boiled grape juice by accident. I tried to turn the stove buttons with the screwdriver, but it instead smashed the grapes in the coffee pot.
Washed the tree pedestal with grape juice.
Used the round machines to make the new pattern and got a metallic arm or glove.

At this point I would really appreciate a save button, or at least the possibility to make the annoying music go away.

I picked up a ball of light(?) with the glove in one of the black rooms.
Used the glove with the ball on the machine in the black room of the attick and noticed that the machine that used to show three locks shows one thumb up.

A door in one of the black rooms has opened. Picked up a box.
Connected a wire from the triangle pedestal to the box in my inventory.

And I officially give up, gotta go. Save function would have been swell.
Good luck everybody! :)

I came back to finish the game.
I have managed to change the color of the lower button of the box in the inventory to green. I plugged it in the other machines and the panel with many holes in one of the black rooms using the wire. Don't remember in which order and don't know if it's important to do it in certain order.

I'm trying to find a hint for the color puzzle.
I listened to the red and yellow records (Doh, listened to the blue one but didn't think of trying the red and yellow too) and the red one has a message on it, the yellow one is too difficult to hear.

I have two thumbs ups in the machine where used to be three locks when clicked on the buttons. And one thumbs up on the panel on the wall where the wire fits.

Brute forced the colors, I could only make sense of 3 of the hints for them. blue, green, purple (top row) purple, red (bottom row)

I have all locks open.. Now what?
Use the black device in the room where you got the screwdriver, the one with the red door.

01-06-2010, 17:40:47
It is long, kirahvi, and you have done a great job. I would not have got started without your first clue. I'll see if I can finish.

Edit: I have been playing this off an on now for hours, thanks to kirahvi's help. I am now stuck with a total of four thumbs up. I have a hard time finding what it is that I have unlocked.

Congrats kirahv:D

Edit: And out. It is offering me a chance to replay, Maybe next year;)

01-06-2010, 18:15:18
And I'm out. Whew. Only took 3 hours or so. :D

01-06-2010, 18:46:32
Still cant get second mask, u sure it has to do with the valve?

01-06-2010, 19:59:42
I didn't realize how long this game would be. :D I got at least 1/2 way through before going to bed (@1 a.m.). I will say it does remind me of the Submachine series of games.

01-07-2010, 01:57:58
Well, my extra long item doesn't want to go any place I've tried and I'm missing 2 of 4 items to play with. Think I need to start this at the beginning of the day.