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01-29-2010, 07:47:36
Another game by Gazzyboy. In this game, you got locked inside the aeroplane where there is nobody. Your objective is to escape from the aeroplane. This is a aeroplane escape game filled with anonymous suspense.


Please use spoilers to give hints:
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01-29-2010, 16:51:18
Found a key (used) and a fire extinguisher (used). Manager to get as far as the emergency exit but now stuck.

01-29-2010, 17:35:37

Zoom on red fire extinguisher to the right, take it.
Zoom out.
Turn left, note 44 in the window.
Turn left.
In the center of the ceiling is a darker grey square. Zoom here and click on it to open. Get a key. Zoom out.
Move forward twice to zoom on keyhole. Use key.
Zoom out once and click door to open.
Move forward twice, click start-button (the top button to the left). See movement and arrows pointing at 5 and 5 (third and fourth “measurers”).
Move down three times, turn right twice and move forward.
Use fire extinguisher on the door to break it.
Move forward, turn right to see five bags.
Zoom on upper right bag. A code is necessary to open it.
Enter 4455 (from window and cockpit). Take laser.
Zoom out, move left and zoom twice on color lock.
Change all the colors to be the same (obviously it doesn’t matter which color- I used green).
Zoom out. Door to locker room is now open.
Move forward and turn right.
Zoom on upper grey square in the middle locker.
Use laser on it. Get hammer and screwdriver. Zoom out twice.
Zoom on back wall.
Use hammer on red button to break glass.
Press button.
Zoom on grey square with holes.
Use laser on it to reveal a panel with screws.
Use screwdriver on that panel.
Click to exit!

king ed
01-29-2010, 22:14:04
What a waste of time. What a bad bad "game". Not worth playing. 2 thumbs down again for Gazzyboy. They are on my "bad games list" as 123bee is.

01-30-2010, 04:37:17
& second time I used lazer the screen to click her to play game screen game up ... forget it

01-30-2010, 17:47:54
Out with no help, which normally gives me a sense of satisfaction, but this time I must say I found the ending unexpected and somewhat anti-climactic, which rather spoiled the moment.