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02-26-2010, 18:30:39
I am currently working on a multiplayer clone of the arcade game Puzzle Bobble Bust-A-Move which I assume most of you are familiar with.
There is already a similar clone out there called Frozen Bubble which I enjoyed playing, however there are some serious balancing and other issues with that game - in addition it is only available for Linux.

What I have done so far is write the basics. Players can connect to a lobby server from where they can create games and soon will be able to query the game list. Players can join an open game and the host can start it. Bubbles can be shot and if x (3 per default) of the same color connect they pop (are destroyed). There are 8 default bubbles plus 3 implemented special bubbles with a 4th one planned.

And since I am done with the gameplay mechanics it's time to implement different game modes. I have come up with 3 so far + a variation each which brings it up to 6.



Deathmatch (partially implemented)
Players play against each other until all but 1 lost (you lose when a bubble attaches to the lower area outside of the game field bounds as can be seen in the image).
In this mode every ~8 bubbles fired or every ~16 seconds a row of bubbles is added from the top.

Time Attack (planned)
You get points for firing and popping bubbles. The game starts with a timer set to x minutes. Once the time is up the player with the highest score wins. If a player lost before the time was up the game continues until the time runs out or the other player beats his score.
In this mode every ~8 bubbles fired or every ~16 seconds a row of bubbles is added from the top.

Shoot 'em Up (planned)
The first player to clear his game field wins.
In this mode every ~8 bubbles fired or every ~16 seconds the roof of the game field is lowered by 1 row effectively shrinking the size of the game field.

Team (planned)
All previous game modes can be played in with a teammate or maybe even in teams of 3 (have to think of that).

Deathmatch example:
When playing in a team the cannons are placed at 33% and 66% of the game fields with. In a team with 3 players they would be placed at 25%, 50% and 75%. Other than that the fact that now 2 or 3 players are working towards achieving the same goal the modes stay the same.

Special Bubbles

Rainbow (implemented):
Takes the colors of its neighbors.

Blazing (implemented):
On impact destroys all its neighbours.

Ghost (implemented):
Does not link like other colored bubbles. The only way to destroy it is by making it fall through popping a branch or destroying it with a Blazing Bubble.

Waterfall (planned):
Same as the Waterfall Bubble in Puzzle Bobble. A Waterfall Bubble has a color same as an ordinary bubble. When it attaches it releases a waterfall. All bubbles beneath it take the color of the waterfall bubble.

Other optional features
- Gravity/Wind (implemented): Bubbles do not fly in a straight line but are affected by directional forces (think Team 17's Worms Bazooka)
- Chain Reactions (almost fully implemented): For an explanation check the Frozen Bubble Website (http://www.frozen-bubble.org/faq/#chainreactions)


Here's where I need some creative help. As you can see I have some ideas and concepts on which direction to go but ultimately people who are into puzzle games will be the ones playing.

So if you

- have any ideas for game modes, special bubbles or features
- like or dislike one of the presented concepts or would like to change it
- have any other input

please do tell.