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03-01-2010, 22:14:49
You find yourself in the garden. Looks like the only way out is by car… Like always it’s not that simple, escape!

Play here (http://escapeheaven.com/games/garden-escape-2/)

Please use spoilers to give hints:
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03-01-2010, 22:23:18
I can't figure this out!:'(

03-01-2010, 22:29:19
Almost finished...just need a thin rectangular thing

msrock'nroll: What do you need?

EDIT: And I STILL need the rectangular thing (whatever it is). I may have to dig it up or smash something because I still have the shovel in my inventory. I don't remember finding anything around the pink gazebo, so it might be there even though I have tried smashing and digging simply everywhere.

03-01-2010, 22:55:10
where did you find the shovel because I think I know where to use it.
The screen behind the brickbuilding, there looks like a patch below the tree

I'm thinking the shovel is in the shed but I can't get the code to work,
I'v seen the numbers on the big rock, but thats 8 digits and you only need 4, I can't figure it out

POP: finally figured out where I'd seen that symbol on the shed, got the shovel now!

And out:D

@ slerk Rectangle thingcar stereo, under the front of the car

03-01-2010, 23:08:44
Hurray! Where did you find the rectangular thing?

Thanks shootermagavin!

03-01-2010, 23:10:41
I just edited post, hope it helps

03-01-2010, 23:41:30
Can someone help me with the code?

03-02-2010, 03:28:58
Can someone help me with the code?

Just below where you can input the numbers there is a symbol, have you seen this symbol before? maybe on a calculator

03-02-2010, 05:30:04
Not doing the math - too late to think

10-22-2012, 16:06:18
Giving up
Found car keys, key chain and shovel and that is it...

10-22-2012, 17:33:35
In....looks strange...
Found a first aid bag, and cell(?), car stereo, gear shifter...
Front, picnic table leg, truck tire, left rock and gazebo.
Found code....Bottom, front edge of center rock.
The 'top' side of the grey shed wants a 4-digit combo(very faint, almost invisible!)...?
Wheelchair has a zoom view....?
Evergreen behind pink bldg has zoom view...?

Thanks Yvonne! I would never have gotten it....but, problem I entered the following (math answer) and nothing happened...? I don't see a 'enter' button...?
Got it....stupid me...I was entering as if reading....not up,down,up,down.
Found code....Square root sign.
Found code....4795.
Found shovel....Evergreen behind bldg.
Got key....trying to unlock truck, no luck yet....
It took a bit, but I'm 'finally' out....
Join key with what I thought was a cell.
Okay game 'except' shed symbol unfair and game a bit 'pixelly'.

10-22-2012, 18:00:58
there is a symbol drawn underneath the digits, look at calculatoron a big rock near the bottom, nearly invisible22992025 on calculator square root4795

You've managed to get more items then I did :)
Got back in and found all the items that you've mentioned
Need one more and then I should be out

Found last item,
right side fountain