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03-12-2010, 10:55:37
Winter Escape is another point and click room escape game from Shattered Games. "Too cold out here: better go inside. Oh, snap - you have to escape your way in! Argh! Hurry before your fingers stiffen up... " Good luck and have fun!

Play here: http://www.gamershood.com/11356/room-escape/winter-escape

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03-12-2010, 12:19:49
i have snow shovel, charcoal, bucket of water, lighter fluid, tongs, & crowbar, i also had hand crank & work light used & no longer in inventory i am now stuck going to bed will try again later

03-12-2010, 16:12:55
Real easy game once you get the shed open. I just kept guessing on the code and it eventually opened. TADA!!!! Finally finished an escape game all on my own!:horserun:

03-12-2010, 16:44:34
In:)Check the address

03-12-2010, 16:59:07
Wow I only have

coal ,shovel (dont know where to use it) and tongs.

03-12-2010, 17:00:59

kariokatexas, keep pointing around. The game will indicate where to use the shovel. You need it at least twice.

03-12-2010, 17:11:17
The game made sense but it could be alot simpler by improving the navigation. It felt really buggy, jumping around or behaving too slowly. I hope I didn't pick up a virus.

EDIT: The shovel is used just twice

03-12-2010, 17:15:39
i keep trying to use it on the grill but it wont do anything

03-12-2010, 17:16:50
how do I get the snow off the bbq?

03-12-2010, 17:17:43
Not there. In 2 scenes, as you move the curser around, it will say "Something seems to be buried under the snow". Use it there

karioketexas: You need a brush

03-12-2010, 17:18:02
I am having the same problem. I cant get the shovel to work anywhere

Thanks . I cant find teh brush.. what am I overlooking?

03-12-2010, 17:27:04
Have you a crowbar? You need the crowbar to get the brush. Keep moving your curser around. It will tell you where to use it.

03-12-2010, 17:30:51
Thanks. is finally out

03-12-2010, 18:38:57
I'm in, that is not something I say much. Most of the time I have to get out.
Done it without any help.
Thanks for posting.

03-12-2010, 19:24:41
Got it after hints how to get items to work. Thanks!

03-12-2010, 19:25:22
have or have had shovel, coal, lighter fluid, pry bar, tongs, handle, bucket of ice, brush, light, electric cord still poking about.

LOL asking for someone to fix "him" a cup of cocoa .. if someone had been there, they could have opened the door.

03-12-2010, 19:36:47
I still have tongs in my inventory and I have no idea, what to do with it. Please help...:frustrated:

Okay... I have it. I'm in.

03-12-2010, 19:51:14
cant seem to find the lighter fluid... feeling pretty dense! lol

nvm, got it!

03-12-2010, 20:56:58
I can't find the tongs!

03-12-2010, 21:07:14
They are in the first scene

03-12-2010, 21:29:57
Can't light the coal, is there a lighter?
Found it! And finally out.

03-13-2010, 00:33:55
finnaly out :)

03-13-2010, 14:48:25
I have unlocked the shed, cleared to snow off the BBQ, plugged in the extension cord,but how do i get light in the shed and where is the coals for the BBQ? Help me! I'm stuck!:hyperfox::frustrated:

03-13-2010, 19:38:39
Help.........where to use tongs???

03-13-2010, 19:48:47
Help.........where to use tongs???In the pot of water after you melt the ice

03-17-2010, 06:35:09
Now who in their right mind would throw their keys down the well for the Winter...And forget about it?..lol

03-20-2010, 23:43:36
...hhhmmm, looking for lighter i guess?