View Full Version : Blast RPG

03-12-2010, 20:30:42
A new game from Nitrome.
Click the MOUSE to blast off from the cannon and try to get as far as you can! Steer the knight in the air by holding down the mouse button. You get an extra boost each time you kill a monster. Select weapons and cast spells to kill monsters and help keep you in the air.
Increase your abilities each time you level up. Buy and sell items in the shop.

Play Here (http://www.nitrome.com/games/blastrpg/)

03-12-2010, 20:38:03
Hehe, I like these tossing games :D
And this time you also fight against beings while on your "trip", lol.
Okay, I need to get the hang of this :P
EDIT: Getting used to it now - it's fun :D

04-14-2010, 06:54:06
I didn't quite get how combat worked at first, but quickly realized it was automated. :P This was probably one of the most enjoyable games of this type I've ever played. It was significantly more interactive than most, but it's still fairly repetitive.