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08-05-2006, 14:01:43
You have three days to prepare and get ready for the weekend. This episode proposes a challenge associated with one or more of the core aspects of Elena's life including family, health, career, balance and diet. If you solve this challenge, you will be rewarded with a Country Inn weekend date with Elio. Otherwise, the result may not be quite as memorable. Meanwhile, denizens of Little Italy will interrupt your efforts, begging for help in solving their own problems.

Link (wait a couple seconds during the commercial):


Please note: The game episode has been changed on shockwave.com (from the Zoom Zoom episode to the T-Mobile episode), therefore the posts on the first 4 pages in this thread do not refer to the current episode!

Walkthrough 1 (http://gamershood.com/forum/showpost.php?p=424069&postcount=35)

Walkthrough(Zoom Zoom Episode) 2:

08-05-2006, 14:26:48
boooring! all that game is, is commersials!

08-05-2006, 20:04:53
The Zoom Zoom episode confused me, I thought they made a sequel or something or changed the game in some way. But they didn't. The z.z. episode is just an addition to what happens later, makes me think that they are going to do a second edition since they did add a wedding or anything.

When I downloaded the trial version (the full version of 60 minutes play) it's still the old game without any Mazda incorporations. It's exactly the same old game. Anyways, I played it till the end without playing due to a glitch that they had that made my taskbar dissapear, and when I pressed CTRL+ALT+DEL, the game processes theoretically closed, but it was still perfectly playable.

Anyways, nothing changed, but the new Mazda episode kinda satisfied my curiosity of what happened, but I want more!

08-07-2006, 15:41:26
Where do i meet that guy when i've done everything?

08-07-2006, 15:41:43
i dont understand,where do you have to go satherday(my english is noth so good)en what do you have to do to compleet the first level

08-07-2006, 15:53:08
bit confusing this, isn't it???

08-07-2006, 17:06:28
finished it. Gd game

08-07-2006, 17:15:58
do's anywone know ,or theirs gonna be new episodes of ciao bella?

08-07-2006, 17:41:11
Who is Ernie and where do i find him?

I got it, didnt realise the cafe was a separate place

08-07-2006, 17:46:50
v boring game...cldnt find that elio person!..

08-07-2006, 18:01:37
He is in the cafe. Green shirt and sitting at a table. Let him test drive the car.

08-07-2006, 18:33:21
THis game was rele boring i dont even noe wut to do in the first level:(

i think im gonna do another game:(

08-07-2006, 18:40:01
To finish the level:

Saturday at the right time, click on your car and drive to the inn, don't forget the fruit basket!

08-07-2006, 19:00:47
elena never looks very happy, does she?

08-07-2006, 19:31:57
where's the INN?

lol just got it! :P

Ley Lee
08-07-2006, 20:21:12
that was boring and a lil confusin. it could've been a little better

08-07-2006, 20:31:52
This is on here already

08-07-2006, 20:47:39
If you mean Ciao Bella - La Bella Romanza, the game isn't free anymore and the thread had to be closed. This is the free version now and it was said that it contains a special part.
But since I haven't played the original game, I can't judge how similar they are.

08-07-2006, 20:50:28
how do u put all of nunzos or w/e stuff in the car

08-08-2006, 01:07:15
too bad it is so short...
the last one was very fun!

08-08-2006, 04:21:50
i'd still like to know how to get the sporting stuff into the car

08-08-2006, 08:39:36
I keep failing too. I tried several combinations for the sporting gear, but still failed anyway. But you can still go on even if you fail that part.

Btw, where do you buy the wine & fruits? And how do you leave for the vacation on Saturday?

08-08-2006, 10:24:03
i just opened the link for the full game that's "not free" at the moment and it did work lol!

08-08-2006, 19:22:52
This game is meh.But in ways cute.

08-09-2006, 00:28:57
You buy fruit and vine at the Shopping center (above your house).

Eternal Becky
08-10-2006, 17:23:53
This was a good game as well, it was short but fun just as la bella romanza. :)

08-11-2006, 13:36:34
I wanted to play this game always.I think the La bella Romanza.But it was no more free.It was great to find this online version here.

08-12-2006, 01:32:25
im gonna try this game again but where do u get the fruit basket

wait where is ur house

hey i acually beat it its an accompilishment

09-15-2006, 01:59:19
forget doing that just make sure u get wat u need

12-12-2006, 14:44:12
I couldn't play it. When I click the link, all that I saw is the before game. The romanza part. I din't see the zoom zoom episode at all

12-20-2006, 00:27:58
I kinda liked this game but thought it went on for a bit too long. Glad I accomplished it though ^^

06-18-2007, 19:24:54
as soon as you get all the things that you need click on the mazda and at the right time go to the inn.

06-22-2007, 14:37:40
Its not the zoom zoom episode,I clicked and I got the T-mobile ep

Eternal Becky
06-22-2007, 14:43:38
Its not the zoom zoom episode,I clicked and I got the T-mobile ep

The link is fine. Try the second on that is in the lead post :)

07-15-2007, 16:35:03
Wow...Veryhard:ura: finally finished


Wednesday (Day 1):

1. To warn you, this episode gives away much of the adventure what Elena went through during the first 13 episodes.
2. Ok, to begin: eat at home as this will not cost you anything (to increase your family stats eat in the cafe upstairs that your father owns).
3. Go to the Mazda dealer and buy the car
4. Go to Nunzio's Construction (your Uncle's) to work as an accountant.
5. Go to eat at the cafe this time
6. Talk to your father, Eduardo and then to Maurizio (your cousin) & accept his offer
7. Go to the cafe & eat again.
8. Go to the gym & swim & bike.
9. Eat at the cafe.
10. Talk to your mom, Sofia.
11. Go to church & beseech (you get an extra 4 hours)
12. Eat at the cafe.
13. Go to the gym & swim, bike, sauna.
14. Go home & you can play around with things since you have energy. You can keep on reading, eating at the cafe since you have some money, & putting on make-up (& alternating this sequence until it's either 3-4:00 am or you're barely out of energy -- which ever one comes first). This is so you can build up your stats so you win the game.
15. Always be on a look-out for your progress on the meter indicated below. If the red dot does not disappear, then you have to perform more actions (usually different ones that you did not try yet before -- llike cleaning the house, but not the taboo ones like TV or junk food at the mall).

Basically, this is how you spend your days from now on (more or less) & talking to your family intermittently if you can (not 2 in a row or you don't get the maximum points. In fact, don't do the same exact thing like eat & eat in a row or you won't get your max. points...you might lose points).

Things to keep in mind:

* Don't watch TV
* Don't eat fast food at the mall
* Don't do more than 3 consecutive things at the mall or else you get hungry (you must go back & eat)
* After working at Nuzio's you must eat before doing anything else or you get hungry, then immediately after if you come back you can work and then surf the net before getting hungry
* Going to the mall and getting manicured and going to the hairdresser gets +2 harmony each which is good after losing them to work

Thursday (Day 2):

1. In the morning eat and for the rest of the day you decide how it's going to be ran.
2. To help Ernie, get him to test drive the car & eat afterwards.
3. Buy the $100 wine, fruit, and fruit basket.
4. Try to squeeze in time and money to talk to Catherine in the cat-a-gogo and drive with her.

Friday (Day 3):

1. For the SUV sport equipment arrangement: put running shoes into pouch (left), tennis racket left, roller blades left, baseball bat left. Basket ball right (box), volley ball (white) right/next to box, skateboard into box, golf bag in the middle (flat) & skis not crossed but together next to box right. You can repeat this many times & eating lunch at your desk in between to max out your stats & aid you in winning game.


1. At around 18:00, go to your house and click on the car to drive to the inn:poze: :poze: :poze:

11-22-2007, 02:36:16
Ciao Bella Walkthrough



The Game starts out when Elio's (your potential future husband) mother Teresa Lanza calls you to set up an accidental meeting with her son at her restaurant, Da Teresa, on Saturday night. Meanwhile, you have to save your sister Carmie and her fiance Ernie's wedding by helping him fix what he did, but getting her a good gift...

You will need to go see ernie in the family cafe (Which is on the menu while you are at home). You will ask him what he did and he will tell you that he bought her a golden wrench and she hated it... You have to fix this... You have to go see Uncle Nunzio at Nunzio's Construction and talk to him. He will tell you that he remembered Carmia saying that she wanted a pearl necalace... He will also tell you the price of $1000 and to work overtime... You may also try to go to the church and beseech until a ray of light hits you and the lord will give you money... But be careful, Beseeching and Praying takes up alot of energy... Once you have reached $1000+, go to the mall and in the boutiques section you will find the jewelry store... Buy the pearl necalace... You might also notice a man with a goatee standing on the balcony... That is your cousin Maurizio. Talk to him and you will get family points. You want to then go back to the cafe and talk to Ernie once again... This time you will see a icon in the upper right of your dialogue box. Click the pearl necalace icon and you will automatically explain to give the necalace you Carmia... Go back to the house and your mother will thank you for saving the wedding and you will get family points.

Now, while doing all that stuff above, (or thereafter) you want to make sure that you are increasing all your bars... Health, Culture, Family, Work, &Harmony... (Most people as well as i assumed that you would have to go to the hairdresser and nail place, etc., but i will save you the embarassment... just dont bother with it...) Get health by working out at the gym, Get Culture by reading or watching TV (but also decreases health), Family Points by talking to the family members (most of the people that you meet are family), Work you can work either for your father at the cafe (where you get ok pay, ok work points, but family points as well) or at the construction site for your uncle (good work points and pay, no family points.) But for this date, you want to definately have your HEALTH and FAMILY points up which ensures that you look glamorous for your date and make Elio speechless. IF YOU DO NOT have the right balance in your life (high enough points in the 5 categories) you will crash your car and show up a wreck, scaring off Elio... You therefore LOST the level/date.... You have to start ALLL over again...

If you beat the level, the game automatically saves at that point and you have reached date 2...


This level will start out with a call from Elio, asking you out on a date to go rollerblading on Saturday, and assumes that you can keep up judging on how 'fit' you looked... You will need to purchase in-line skates... Then, you get another call from your uncle Nunzio saying that you need to get the permits for him to be able to build a house for a client... But things aren't easy for Elena... There are protesters and the your uncle constantly bugging the judge to where he wont sign the permits...All the meanwhile, you are thinking about your date and trying to prepare for that as well...

You want to start off monday by doing all the 'at home' options before you leave the house... Then go to the church and beseech... The lord will grant you with $1000... (it may take a few times). You then want to go to Nunzio Construction and work in the office until you need to go to sleep...

You will start tues morning with your uncle calling you and wondering why you abandoned him... This is when he explains the permits to you... You will need to go to the church and beseech once more to get an additional $1000. This will be the last time you need to enter the church this level... You need to go to City Hall and talk to the judge... He will tell you what he needs from you before he can sign the permits: To purchase the permit, Get the protesters to withdraw and to get your uncle to stop harrassing him... IF you have gotten the 2000... you are ready to start... if not, you might wanna beseech the crap outta the lord. Go back to Nunzio Construction and talk to your uncle... He will tell you to hurry up... You then want to go to the mall. You will see a pop-up here of a woman protesting... Talk to her... she will tell you that she wants 3 items for her home before she will withdraw her protest: A garden statue, Air conditioning unit, and a Vacuum. Go to the boutique section of your menu... The statue is in the antique store, the air conditioning and vacuum are in the appliances section. You will also need to stop in the music store and buy your uncle the Vivaldi Box set (to help calm him) and minus well grab your skates in the sports store while you are there... Once you have all these items, go back to the protester and give her the 'gifts' and she will withdraw... You then want to go back to the construction site and talk to your uncle. Give him the box set and he will thank you... You want to then work your butt off... Helpful hint: After you hit work. eat, then drink a cup of coffee... Your energy will go up allowing you to work longer. Then next morning, you will need to eat and do the usual... Then after 9am go to the City Hall and speak to the judge... (*Note: Sometimes he will say that you still need to get rid of some 'irritants'... if this is the case, go back to work, work ONCE then go straight back and he will sign it... Your meter needs to be past the O in work for the judge to listen to you. If you fail to get the form signed, restart the level, becuase you may pass the date but you will have failed the level and will have wasted your time...)

Once you have the form signed, Hit the gym until saturday when you have to meet Elio, but remember to keep the rest of your stats up as well... If you fail, you will be slow on the skates and fall backwards... If not you will be graceful and imagine yourself as an iceskater and fall onto Elio, making him like you even more... On to date 3...


You recieve a call from Elio, asking to you would like to accompany him to his friends movie premiere on Saturday, which means you have to buy an evening gown... Also, your mama and sister, Carnie, have the flu, and you will need to visit them daily...

Since you previously beseeched and Uncle Nunzio paid you back generously... you can purchase your dress right off the bat... Go to Cat-a-gogo and puchase your evening gown there... The shop is located by the gym. You will want to also visit your mama and Carmie at the hospital... Make sure you have health bars, other wise you will catch it and lose. Then go home.

Eat and do some other stuff until your father Eduardo comes to tell you the not so great news. Your mother called Elios mother an old flowerpot, so in return, Elio's mother Teresa plants signs all over town saying that your family's cafe is tainted... You will need to collect those immediately... They are as follows: Cat-a-gogo (2) Gym (5) Mall (5) Church (5) and Da Teresa (3 or 4)... Then go home... Your father will thank you then. On wed you will visit your mother then go home.. She will call and ask you for a favor. It is Uncle Nunzio's birthday and she wants you to go get him the Aida CD and take it to him by 6pm. This can be found in the mall. Do so then take it to him and come back home, where your mother will call you and thank you... Keep your bars up and meet Elio... The date will go well!

11-22-2007, 02:38:02

Elio calls you as normal but this time is inviting you to Dinner at the Ritz... No need to buy a new dress with this date... But trouble is always ahead...

Start out doing things in the house. Uncle nunzio will call and tell you that the roof on the church is leaking. He will need you to purchase building materials, a crew, and the permits... You should still have plenty of money left over from level 2. Go to the City Hall and purchase the permits. They are $100. No going through the judge this time... You will then want to go to the mall and under boutiques go to the hardware store and purchase 2 things of building materials (one is a wood pile and the other is in the glass case.) Then make your way to the cafe where you will see ernie. Offer him $500 for the crew and meet him at the church. Pray. Then they will build it and be finished... You will then want to go back home, where Nunzio will call to thank you... But then lets you know that his client Joe Bernardino needs yet another house built and you will need to meet up with him to sign the contract. He says not to make any plans for saturday... at the same time as your date with Elio...

Now you want to go to the church and beseech until you get the glowing beam, where the lord will arrange for Joe to have to come on Friday at 7 instead of Saturday at 7... Good thing... Go home to where Joe will call you and let you know that becuase of 'religeous' reasons he will have to come on FRI. Until then, you will need to once again work on those bars! if your bars are ok and your life is harmonized then the meeting will go great and you meet Elio the next night for a magical evening...

Elio calls and asks you to go one a picnic with him on saturday... There is a small problem though. You have bad allergies, and must keep them in control while maintaining your stability in your life...

First off, you want to go see the doctor. There is no way to get meds without seeing him first... Once you have seen the doctor, you have 1 of 2 options... You can go to the mall and in Boutiques you can purchase Antihistamines from the Drug store, or your mother and sister in thier dialogue box will have a medicine icon, where they can give you one dose... My suggestion is if the mall is open, buy it, becuase you sometimes need it before bed. Also, you may beseech to have the lord lower the pollen level, and i personally do this sometime before my date so i dont have an outbreak on the way out. Helpful hints is to not go in the sauna, clean, or watch TV... for some reason they cause allergy attacks...

This time, it is for a good reason... Thier Canolis are a hit so business is booming and they need you to help now... I would suggest before hitting OK to grab a pen and a piece of paper, becuase there are several meals and 3 different beverages... ie: Pizza with wine, pizza with water, pizza with cappuchino... they order FAST so jot something down that may help... (just the meal, you can still earn some decent points if you get orders wrong a few times...

As long as your levels are OK and your allergies are OK, your date will go fine...

11-22-2007, 02:38:57

Elio calls, saying that he cannot go to the wedding with you because he has nothing to wear... In talking to him, you agree to go shopping on sat for clothes... Mother then cuts in stating that her family is flying in for Carmies wedding, and she needs all the help she can get from Elena...

You want to maintain your stats and check in at home frequently, because your father Eduardo comes to talk to you and needs your help. It seems that there was a mix-up at the Ministry of Immigration and they are holding your 3 year old cousin in suspicions that he is a known criminal... You will need to talk to retrieve documents that prove his identification... Talk to carmie... she will allow you in her room and you have a certian amount of time to when you can find these documents. There are 3. After you have found the documents, the judge will call and tell you to come by his chambers... You will have to wait until 8 when they open, then go talk to the judge and your cousin will be released allowing your family to fly in... You want to again check in to the house from time to time, eventually your mother will tell you that they forgot to pick up the family and ask you do go... This i where you get to drive... use the arrow keys Left and Right to go side to side, and Up to accelerate, down to brake... If you crash dont worry, it will start you again... but does take a little time penalty. The bar at the top that fills with red is a monitor of how close you are to the airport and the clock is on the right. Mind you, all the lanes go forward, so dont be afraid to drive in the left lanes either. You will automatically retrieve your family and go home if you made it in time... You want to maintain balance in your life until saturday, and keep doing activities at home until your date... If sucessful, you and Elio have a great time shopping!will

<The next couple dates are a cinche... Just keep your stats high!>


Elio calls, and wishes to have you by his side on Saturday for a dinner he is hosting for clients at his mothers restaurant, Da Teresa. HE WILL PICK YOU UP AT HOME... Dont make this mistake...

Mama asks you to search Carmies room and take out things that will be bad for the baby. The items are as follows. Cigar (on the bed) Cigarettes (on floor, looks like a Marlboro Red Box) and Alcohol (on floor, looks like smirnoff, red bottle.) Make sure that you find them quickly, becuase you dont want your sister to find you snooping in her room... Use the rest of your time maintaining the balance in your life until your date. REMEMBER, he picks you up AT HOME... If everything is at the right level, you should have a wonderful time with Elio.


Elio calls with bad news... his mother will not let him go to the wedding. Seems as if the families are quarrelling again... Elio states that if all goes well and they reconcile then he will meet her on saturday at the wedding...

First off you wanna go to the church and Beseech, the Lord will work some magic with the families... You then want to go to the mall... Elio will be on the balcony, talk to him. He will mention that his mother likes expensive clothing and expensive perfume... Go to the drugstore under boutiques and purchase the perfume. You then want to go to Cat-a-gogo and purchase 2 items... a cocktail dress and a leather coat... Go to Da Teresa and talk to Elio's mother... give her the coctail dress first... Then the Perfume... Then the leather coat... She should agree to apologize. Until saturday, keep your life balanced and on saturday things should go great...


Elio calls, and says that you are kind of scaring him becuase you have been so stressed out... You dont see how you have been, and want to prove it to him, so you invite Elio to come to a Yoga class that you are teaching... Elio agrees. You set the date up for Saturday. Then Catherine calls and invites you to relax by playing some tennis.

You only have 3 things to do this level... Play tennis with Catherine and Maurizio, keep your life balanced, and meet Elio. Meet Catherine and Maurizio at the Cat-a-gogo... Instructions will appear upon entering... If all goes well, you have impressed elio and moved onto the next date...


Elio calls and invites you to his friends ary gallery this Saturday. After getting off the phone with Elio, you find out that your parents are going out of town... Your mama will call from time to time to check up on you, but it really doesnt mean anything.

Nunzio will call, saying that a client of his is threatening to sue unless they get a wine cellar, cuppuccino machine, and i ceiling fan. Again it is up to you... This is easy. Talk to your sister and as long as you try her recipe she will give you the extra cuppucino machine. Go to the cafe and talk to Ernie... he has an extra ceiling fan. And then to the mall in the antique store you can purchase the wine cellar. Then uncle Nunzio will call you and tell you to stay where you are at that he is sending someone to pick it up... No need to wait, it is automatically done and always in your inventory. Go back to the house. Elio will call, saying that one of his friend Filippos' Rivals has posted posters around the city that the art gallery is canceled. It is up to you to grab these posters... They are in the following locations: Cafe (2) Gym (1) Church (2) Park (3) Mall (3) Da Teresa (3)... Once you have done this task keep life balanced and up, and your date with elio will go smoothly...


The level starts out with Elena listening to her 5 messages... The most important parts bieng that Uncle Nunzio called and his workers went on strike, but you still need to somehow get into work to work on the proposition for the new site. Also, Elio called to confirm your dinner date with the private chef. (NOTE: THIS DATE IS ON FRIDAY!!! Not saturday... BE CAREFUL AND DONT MISS IT!!!!)

First, Nunzio will call you and tell you that you have to sneak into the work. Everytime that you need to work you must first go to the judge and beg to get past the picketers... If the judge says to get to work you lazy bum, then they are not picketing and just go to work. You only need to work enought to keep your bar near full (or full) and you automatically pass that part. Now, for the chef, you will need to go to the mall. You can hire him for $1000, but you should also buy his book and give it to carmie, your sister, for $300... Nunzio will call at 3am one morning to help him sneak into the warehouse to get his papers. You will need to find the papers within the alloted time... past that keep all your stats up and balanced, until your meeting with elio. Dont be late!


Teresa calls and thinks that all the effort you have put into elio isn't working... She decides to make sure Elio notices Elena... You have a date set up with him on Saturday at the latin music concert.

Start your day off bringing up your stats. Teresa will call and has a job for you. She needs you to work at the restaraunt Da Teresa. This is like in level 5 where you have to remember the customers order. If you do well, Teresa tells you that she is going to send the tape to elios office. (In between skits you want to keep your life balanced and up...) Next, Teresa wants you to meet her at the museum. This is like in level 6 where you have to drive. If you get there in time. all is well. Teresa's next idea is to make elio's favorite dinner for when he comes home today and needs some special ingredients. Teresa asks for Quail Eggs, Wild mushroom, and 2 year old cheese. Ask your mother at home for the cheese. Go to the park and pick BOTH types of mushroom. Then go to the mall and purchase the Quail eggs at the Drugstore. Go to Da Teresa at the alloted time in your PDA. If elio likes it then you have the right balance and you will proceed. If not, then elio will end up in the emergency room and Teresa will call you an assassin. This means that your balance was not high enough in your stats. Now, Go home and get ready for your date!


Elio calls, says that he wants to host a get together, and that it is a suprise to you as well. He mailed you the invitations and needs you to hand them out to your family...

You have to talk to all these people, and in the dialogue box you will see the invitation in an icon in the upper right... Click on the invitation to give it to them. You will find:
Mama & Carmie=House.
Eduardo &Ernie=Cafe
Uncle Nunzio=Nunzios Construction
Teresa=Da Teresa Restaraunt
Catherine and Maurizio=Cat-a-gogo
Aunt Stefania=Mall.
After inviting the guests, Elio will call to confirm that everyone was invited...

Aunt Stefania calls and warns you about all the girls that could steal Elio away from you, and demands something be done about it. She is going to need you to take photographs of the girls that may catch Elios eye, then she will take care of the rest... Meanwhile, Elio calls and his mother is at the hospital becase her blood pressure dropped and he needs someone to pick her up and needs you to do it. Here is the driving game again...Now, Make sure ALL OF YOUR BARS ARE UP and... well, you will see... GOOD LUCK!

I copied it from a site.

I know!!! It's long!

12-05-2007, 07:27:59
That was the T-Mobile episode!
I WANTED the Mazda one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I checked both links, they're the same thing!
Does anybody know where you can get the zoom zoom episode?

12-05-2007, 23:09:42
That was the T-Mobile episode!
I WANTED the Mazda one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I checked both links, they're the same thing!
Does anybody know where you can get the zoom zoom episode?

Shockwave.com changed the game. Unfortunately Zoom Zoom episode is gone. I will replace the game on gamershood.com too.

04-17-2008, 06:44:03
I have read ur reviews about this game and im excited to install it in the internet but i cant find this game in the internet. Please help me, i will really appreciate ur help.

PS: If there are anyone here from the Philippines who can tell me where to buy this game here please tell me. (Ciao Bella 1 and Ciao Bella The T-Mobile Episode)


04-17-2008, 06:52:17
It seems they have changed it again - it isn't available anymore free and online :(

You can find the original Ciao Bella - La Bella Romanza here: