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04-06-2010, 21:18:14
Do not get fooled by the graphics! Wyzau Circle TD has many hours to offer even the most hungry TD-player!
The creeps move in the circle, when they get too many (100 creeps) you will die!
Good luck :)

Between the levels, you can go to the main menu to spend your points on upgrades.
It is recommended to replay levels to buy upgrades, to be able to beat higher levels.
You can speed up the game by clicking on the two right-arrows at the top right of the screen.

Play Here (http://www.gamershood.com/11685/strategy/wyzau-circle-tower-defense)

04-07-2010, 13:10:19
Aha, first I didn't get that I could upgrade my towers between the levels and kept losing on level 3.
Now let's see how it goes with the upgrades :P

Nope, didn't quite work out, gonna retry.

Gonna replay earlier levels several times to have enough upgrades :)

Gah, haven't been able to pass level 3 yesterday but it got too late. Hopefully I'll have more luck today.

Nope, can't, it always gets me around wave 21.
I'd be thankful for any hints concerning level 3.

Aaaah, finally got through level 3 with loads of upgraded cannon towers, phew!

Gah, now similar difficulties on level 4 :P

04-07-2010, 22:52:34
I can't even pass level 1, despite upgrading... :(

EDIT: Oh, didn't see you could upgrade from the main screen!! Guess I didn't read your post carefully enough, Mistery.

04-07-2010, 23:05:42
No problem Crimson, it is a bit confusing, will add clearer info to first post :)

Still struggling with level 4 :P

04-07-2010, 23:42:02
Too much effort.... I got past level 1, and now I'm done. :P