View Full Version : Eukarion Tales ep1: Marcus, the Knight

04-14-2010, 20:48:14
An epic RPG game.
Put on your armor, grab your sword and face with courage the mission that turned a young squire into a powerful Knight of the Diamond Order.

Due to violence and cartoon blood, the game is not suitable for children.

Play Here (http://www.gamershood.com/11790/role-playing/eukarion-tales-ep1-marcus-the-knight) or here (http://www.ageofgames.net/games/eukarion-tales-series/euk-tales-marcus-the-knight.html)

Game Guide (http://www.ageofgames.net/mapsandguides/guides/eukarionguide.html)

http://i.imagehost.org/0967/eukarion.jpg (http://i.imagehost.org/view/0967/eukarion)

04-14-2010, 23:58:51
Great game, very addicting but not as long as the Kaptivo game

04-15-2010, 22:37:49
Fun game for sure ;)