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04-21-2010, 20:13:47
This is the sequel to The House (http://www.gamershood.com/forum/showthread.php?t=282), a scary point and click game.

The legend has it that there is a house in a small town that has been closed and left empty for decades. The house belonged to a wealthy family. But then, one day, all family members committed suicide. From that time, some said that they have heard a women's screaming voice from that house. Yet, no one dare to enter the house..are you?

Due to its very scary nature, the game is not suitable for players under 13 years, and for persons who are easily scared.

Play Here (http://www.sinthaistudio.com/thehouse2/)

Please use spoilers to give hints:
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Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

04-21-2010, 20:55:35
Kind of a click-fest, and damn creepy !!

I'll admit... I jumped out of my skin a few times :D

04-21-2010, 21:01:05
Then I'll play it during daytime I think :P

04-21-2010, 21:27:49
Got the fright of my life (several times). :str:

I liked this one better than the first House. The creepy atmosphere in each room built up to such an extent that it is almost a relief when something happened!

On the negative side however the subject of the story was really very sad. :sad:

04-21-2010, 22:48:08
Mmm... not my game I suppose. I find it a little boring that I have to keep clicking the same hotspots over and over to make things happen :P

Here... lemme helps *hands dalveen a nice fresh carrot http://www.thesmilies.com/smilies/edible/carrot.gif* There you go! It helps against scary stuff... promise :D

04-23-2010, 15:52:27
good idea but not fun at all
click click click click click..

04-23-2010, 16:20:34
Oh, so it's not just me. I thought I was something wrong because I couldn't solve anything. I could only click things, which I thought were clues, over and over until eventually they changed. Blah. (Great graphics and sound though)

04-23-2010, 23:02:49
I don't think this game was ever intended to be a difficult problem solving game, I think it was more about creating an atmosphere of scary anticipation. You could easily find the places to click but you never knew how many times to click in order for something to happen and you knew that whatever that was it would be horrible.

I think this is a scary game which achieves what it sets out to do.

04-28-2010, 14:18:03
HO HUM..more action, less drum

05-24-2010, 22:01:05
I played this and i did jump a couple of times..specially when the body was pulled up from the hole in the floor...pretty good game..not really that hard to figure out about the clicking for action..but fun all the same :D

08-07-2010, 17:53:26
i hated the hotspot clicking thing but kinda fun definitely was scared

08-17-2010, 21:51:45
Stuck in the living room already.... got the blood coming out of the wall, the note on the chair changed, and a ghost gave me another note.... click click click

POP... just had to click some more.... On to the bathroom :D Creepy.... and the bedroom was worse!! Aaahhhh....
Let's check out the 'working room' -- Ahhh.. my clicker's getting tired here... POP that glimmer you see as you flick the lights... click on that too!

Safe Room now! ... and Woohoo I get to go to the 'secret room'... Nice explanation!

10-31-2010, 05:04:21
Umm, call me silly, but how do I get out of the livingroom? I've clicked on both the note & the picture numerous times and nothing has happened yet. Thanks.

EDIT: NVM, I got out. That was pretty freaky. I jumped quite a bit. Sad story too.