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08-10-2006, 20:49:11
11 Minute Introduction to the Game, So, it's basically just the intro for the long game that will follow a long time from now. None the less its pretty good info if u wnat to know what happened after and before Ray part 2.

visit this link fot the game.

08-10-2006, 22:17:21
this game is going to be sweet i hope its better then tha last game
and wats up with ray talking oh well i guess

08-10-2006, 22:32:14
ray part 1 and 2 were quality games and i cant wait for dis 1 2 cum out!!

08-10-2006, 22:40:18
As I have seen, this is not yet a playable version, "just" a long animation as intro for part 3 that is not ready yet. Not sure where we can place it on the forums. I guess GamersHood has to find a good place for it ;-)

08-11-2006, 07:45:31
It should go under the Cartoons, because it's an animation. Definitely not under games. Moved.

08-23-2006, 23:57:26
lol the kid with the ninga turtles t shirt is dumb never hit someone with there
posse right there duh!!!!!!!!!!!

11-16-2006, 16:15:54
i loved ray 1 & 2 when is it gonna be out

11-16-2006, 17:42:26
No one knows...

12-04-2006, 11:36:21
how do u all put the picture arh ???? can anybody reply to mi now?