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04-26-2010, 13:46:26
(point and click)

A collaboration of 3dpi Games and Pastel Games.

Three travelers from the Asauri Valley are searching for the legendary city of Otomaco. Each of them wants to find a different treasure. The Ork Gheri dreams about Otaxi, the magic shield. The monk, Zeng, is looking for the lost papyrus from the god Olitec's temple. The Elf Elanti has not revealed what he is seeking...perhaps you can find out?

Play Here (http://www.gamershood.com/11951/point-and-click/otomaco---last-jade-journey) or here (http://www.arcadetown.com/otomaco/gameonline.asp)
(Might not work with all browsers on Arcade Town, Internet Explorer works. On GamersHood also Firefox works)

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http://j.imagehost.org/0692/otomaco.jpg (http://j.imagehost.org/view/0692/otomaco)

04-26-2010, 14:50:32
Excellent! Can't wait for the next instalment.
I didn't realise the gemholder could move.

04-26-2010, 15:44:27
Well, I'm not getting far... but I don't want to check walkthrough.

Put hay on moveable thingy next to window; moved it to both positions, tried all 3 "holes" at the windowbut nothing.

Got 2 eyes, and ruby.

Aha, put ruby
also on that moveable thingy on top of hay

Opened top hole at window, and saw some signs

Aha, opened bottom hole, hay caught fire

Freed tied character with burning hay

Found spear and shield now.
Found sapphire.

Opened middle hole, moved thingy in middle position, and used sapphire

Got symbols.

Put ruby and sapphire into wheel
But can't click anything :hmm:

Got orange by using spear

Gave orange to character sitting under window

Put eyes on the face revealed behind sitting character

Clicked correct symbols, a new location opened.

Killed 1 spider with spear, but now my spear is gone

Aha, found stones and killed rest of spiders

Used rod to stop blade

And out!!! :dewave:
To be continued...

I didn't use shield

04-28-2010, 17:37:35
where are the spiders?

Nevermind... out. Didn't use shield. Also have a rock left.

08-03-2010, 14:14:15
That was fun, pleasing and a little challenging.
Managed to miss this one when it posted!
Cant wait for the next one :)

08-03-2010, 22:28:03
Stuck.... couldn't figure out how to open 'middle hole' or where to click on any symbols. Used everything up to that point, and have 4 rocks, a spear (used on orange), and the shield.

AHA! the middle hole is the one on the window... different ones should be opened for different uses...

And out! :D Next it looks like we have a shark to contend with :o

08-07-2010, 19:25:16
definitely needed help with that one..thanks mistery.....and i used jayisgames too....thats the best walkthrough site http://jayisgames.com/