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05-27-2010, 15:54:23
(point and click)

Another game in the Chazkenger (http://www.gamershood.com/forum/tags.php?tag=chazkenger)series from Japan. Find objects and solve puzzles to figure out the game. Good luck!

Play Here (http://clonish.jp/game/chazkenger&momocharodensetsu.html)

Please use spoilers to give hints:
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Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

05-27-2010, 16:59:43
This one was a lot easier than most of the others in this series. I do enjoy them, even though I haven't understood a single word in any the games.

05-28-2010, 00:44:54
Tried it but couldn't get the fish so I had to quit.
Must be some kind of trick to get it but I don't know how.
Too bad because I like the game.

05-28-2010, 05:39:49
I'm stuck at the 10 apples part. I only have 8 and need the other two. I got the apples at the fire pit (2), the box (1), the tree (4), and the mouse (1). Not sure about the rest.

Ha!! Caught the fish!! Hooray!! You wait until it jiggles and then click the fisherman.

Found two more apples Push the tree a couple of times and two more apples come out (Thanks, Zazie @EG24)

And done!!

05-28-2010, 11:18:18
Where did You get the 3-digit-code??

POP :)

05-28-2010, 12:48:59
For anyone else who needs the code, it's on the bottom of the table

05-28-2010, 19:20:58
Played it again and again it took me some time but I finally finished the game.
Too bad that I didn't understand what they were saying.

05-29-2010, 22:08:41
Too bad that I didn't understand what they were saying.

Me too :)

05-30-2010, 22:42:16
took 4ever, but i made it... i think?-language barrier