View Full Version : Scary Movie 4

08-16-2006, 16:41:07
Anyone seen it yet?

08-16-2006, 16:44:20
no... i like the ad tho

08-16-2006, 16:52:05
go to www.youtube.com, type in Scary Movie 4 and watch clips of it. . .

08-23-2006, 02:48:29
it was flippin hilarious me and my friends always laughed so hard at that grudge kid (after a while we had to keep it down cause some fat guy startin throwin stuff at us the jerk lol)

08-23-2006, 03:12:13
heh heh the grudge kid speaking "japanese" that was awesome

08-23-2006, 23:42:01
those saw guys were hilarious as well

cant touch this
09-20-2006, 23:05:26
(shaq trying to saw off chain, so is doctor phil. they are trapped with jigsaw in control in a bathroom)
shaq: This is never gonna work.
Doctor phil: youre right. he wants us to cut off our feet!
shaq: you go first.
Doctor phil: Bull ****!
shaq: I guess your momma was right about you.
Doctor phil: (gets angry) take this momma!
(cuts into foot)
shaq:like taking candy from a baby.
Doctor phil: (holds up his foot and shows shaq) I did it! were saved!
Shaq: OH My God!
Doctor phil: what?
Shaq: wrong foot
Doctor phil: ( looks down at legs) Mother...

09-20-2006, 23:06:21
i have it i like the bowles sean and the thunder sean

10-18-2006, 21:45:25
I'm Gonna Watch It Tonite ^_^

10-18-2006, 22:23:56
i love these movies!! the third was Definitly the best!! this one was good too...fo sho!!!

10-25-2006, 05:29:31
Si! Scary Movie 4 was Grande!

10-26-2006, 16:23:25
OMG i loved tht i seen it last week
& i busted out lol'ing :haha: (< me :P )
i like the ipod's eye is going in the window & it see's the hoover :P

11-19-2006, 21:15:11
Omg, that was so funny. i love the japanese part that was hilarious. and i loved the random part with lil' jon in there. lol

12-05-2006, 14:27:18
I think it was a a really funny movie and well made. I couldnt stop watching the new lips of Anna Faris, what a waiste. They have been completely messed up. I was happy to see much of the old gang back but I didnt quite like Craig Bierko (Tom), he wasnt too good. He does not posses that funny face essential to this kind of movie.

07-24-2007, 16:24:40
not as good aS the other ones... except for when tom breaks oprahs wrists :P

01-15-2008, 00:53:31
i hate spoofs and this just takes the mick out of some good films... I rather ditest it.. :O i so exaggerate :P

03-31-2008, 20:09:53
The Jigsaw baby was very cute :)

08-07-2008, 19:14:52
well compared to say the first Scary Movie, i didnt think it was all that great - i wouldnt exactly call the plot imaginative.. but i guess even Scary Movie's plot was just making it up as it went along

08-10-2008, 12:57:08
I liked more Scary Movie 1 rather than 4. But in my case after seen all the movies more that 50 times, they are not so funny anymore :P

08-10-2008, 14:03:07
Scary Movie 4 is so funny. it never gets old. but Scary Movie 4 isnt even as funny as Big Movie.

09-01-2008, 16:05:48
I loved Scary Movie 4<3

The creators of those spoofs are just simply amazing.