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08-21-2006, 13:04:50
hi fellas,

i am desperately trying to find out what kinda movie is shown in this (http://www.5x5m.com/files/cmons/) trailer, didn't find anything yet though!

if you could take a minute to help me out it would be much appreciate it... it looks like some disney/pixar animated movie, the trailer is pretty well done

08-21-2006, 15:06:07
that doesnt look very disney like!!
nor does it look like a movie trailer and just an internet video advertising sum website!!
but it was pretty funi!!! lol

08-21-2006, 15:07:38
No, this isn't a movie. The C.M.O.N.S seems to be a band from Barcelona. The animations are some kind of funny commercial/street art. You can take a look at the official site:

08-21-2006, 23:24:51
lol that was funny and weird lol

10-13-2006, 19:45:55
There's no one like Catalans...:) I can't wait to visit Barcelona.