View Full Version : Wasteland Defender

06-25-2010, 04:54:39
Futuristic tower defense based on selfleveling of towers. Towers gain every level more damage or increase their abilities.
Lots of towers to build, achievements and upgrades.
Game contains 4 game modes and 6 different maps.
Free continue of successful Fujitsu Defender.

Mouse controls.
Click to tower to select is, click on the map to place it.
ESC to cancel building.
You can sell towers with sell button. Good luck. :clover:



06-25-2010, 17:58:20
Way to hard for me. I give up.

06-28-2010, 03:34:53
Way to hard for me. I give up.

I agree... much too hard. Barely made it to lvl 1 wave 11 and there are 6 lvls with up to 50 waves!??!?! I love TD games but this one is more like banging your head against a brick wall hoping your skull doesn't crack before the bricks. Meesa give up!