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07-15-2010, 18:15:11
Super Sneaky Spy Guy - Jewel Heist is a new point and click adventure game from Melting-Mindz.com. Super Sneaky Spy Guy is on the trail of a suspect wanted for a recent jewel heist. Find a way into the hideout. Collect items, solve puzzles to retrieve the stolen jewels!

Play game here! (http://melting-mindz.com/sssg_jewel_heist.php)

Please use spoilers for hints and walkthroughs:
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07-15-2010, 19:13:15
Out, this one seemed pretty easy. Or I'm just really smart.

Yeah. I'm going with that one.

07-15-2010, 19:58:06
Well you must be super smart, because I'm stuck after a little while.

Lighter (with fluid, ready to go), six pegs (Green, Yellow, Red, Pink, Brown, White).
Two small pins or something, a rope/ladder/etc., a key card, something to open a bolted cabinet.
Boot clue makes no sense to me. Wall round tells me I need four more pegs.

Edit: Nevermind, POP found the attic! :D

07-16-2010, 04:49:17
Stuffy group demanding I wear something in the hot tub!
fork (used) key (used), pegs - white, red, & green, screwdriver and water. Saw need for black key and keycard
And eyes and body are say 'go to bed!" So i'm headed that way

07-16-2010, 10:18:06
love these SSSG games
out in 20 mins 57 seconds
pretty easy

07-16-2010, 18:06:47
Thought this saved! Had to start from beginning. What did I do wrong?
Grandkids at work in the bedroom - or my one son who in his early years thought quickest was best? Saw? sprayer?
need 3 pegs amd 4 diget code.
now 1 peg. The orange one. Have one thing I've not used - so revisiting areas.
3780 score - I'm slower than the rest of you smarties

07-16-2010, 20:39:03
really enjoyed this one but missed the second upstairs for a while!!!finished with a score of 3604 so happy enough with that :) cheers for the good game...

07-19-2010, 17:09:45
Fun! Only got 1300 for a score though... :P

07-21-2010, 16:40:08
This is no funfun :( I'm stuck.. missing the purple plug and that's all i need i think.. Anyone?

EDIT: I really hate being stuck.. Anyone who wants to give me a clue on the purple peg? I just can't leave the game alone, I need to finish it :P

Well I'm off to bed, hope someone has replied to this when I wake up :) <3 That any helpful soul out there find me cute enough to give a gentle push in the right direction :P

07-23-2010, 19:15:08
outside in the light over garage doors. Sorry I don't remember where the hammer was

08-01-2010, 23:33:28
Very nice one again. Needed help because I missed a few items