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08-04-2010, 00:18:24
(Adventure PnC) In this game, from Usawanhouse, a sister is sharing the story of Jack & the beanstalk with her brother. Now it appears they are trapped in the story. Can you help them find it to the end?

16855 (http://usawanhouse.web.infoseek.co.jp/game22.html) PLAY HERE! (http://usawanhouse.web.infoseek.co.jp/game22.html)

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08-04-2010, 18:49:50
Hmm - got in the house - out and now & the guy wants bread .. which I can't pick up YET. Think I will restart .. maybe I should have done something sooner?
clue to door is behind house
i picked up axe by stove, got cow, gave to guy who demanded also bread which is hot. Noted birds and color in next left. Back to house and noted water which i couldn't get. I played with plates and cabinet and go no place. couldn't pick up cup or glass. Also no other tool in the kitchen could i pick up. Searched outside and found nothing new
I'll check back ..

08-04-2010, 21:52:41
Kitchen Cabinet Blue is one, Yellow is two, and Red is three, click cabinets in that order..

You have to get the ax first and get the cow, to give to the guy.

Once you get the mitten out of the cabinet, you can then pick up the bread that you give it to the man, who gives you a bean.

You also get out of the cabinet something else at the top

Go back into the house and give the bean to the girl

You can now go to your left and cut down the tree with your ax, and you get a box with chickens on it. The tree you unveil has the code for the chicken box. Kind of like the kitchen cabinets.

You can also now go up the beanstalk and get the pail, and go in the house and get water.


08-04-2010, 22:23:28
Thanks! Could have sworn I tried that.
Hmm - probaby erred and picked up the box before chopping? no place to type in code - just two chicks on it. Got it - turned sound back on.
My sister is a gal of few words LOL ... back from eating dinner and coffee on the porch.
Check out northern lights tonight!!!

08-04-2010, 23:53:27
I can't find the powder of the magic (??)

POP! Had to do a little digging in the flower garden... one will zoom in

Out! :D Cute game... needed a little help on the final color code (EG24---by the way, they call it "Wood of Younger Brother and Bean")!

08-05-2010, 00:19:02
Ah! Can't do anything... durr durr durr :(

08-05-2010, 00:23:34
go behind house - see sign? Now count big flowers, flower buds (chicks) and plants with no flower (egg) - door code
Glad I broke for dinner as there is lots of back tracking here.

08-05-2010, 00:32:03
Thanks Nanna ;)

Ooh have a moo-cow:)

Get cabinet code but it's not workin for me?

Will try again tomorrow, is late here, gotta sleep, night all x

08-05-2010, 00:57:53
Welcome Cornish. I'm stuck on bird code. guess i also will have to look for help. Grrr! struggling here.
this drove me nuts! #1 ends up pointing to 5th treetop. EVERY side trail even if it slants down, you take. This is not normal!! which is why it took me so long to grasp.
LOL - nothing to do anything with but could move about ... I had to strum to wrap it up.

08-05-2010, 01:17:35
I noticed that when you are ready to leave, go back behind the girls house and there are letters on the flowers. Still haven't figured out the code yet.

Check the flowers behind the house. Check the different colors to see if that color spells a word. That word is the clue to the door in the house.

Now have an apple which i think i need to cut in to according to the picture i seen in the house

Gave the apple to the lady and she did not want it. So i cut it into on the table with the knife and gave it to her and she gave me a key with a pink heart, back up the beanstalk and opened box with key and got a paper with a clue, and gold coins which i gave to the lady

Not sure how they got the color code but here it is if you really really want it. Has to do with the paper code and the birds. Tried it my way and it just does not work for me so.

blue, green, black, yellow goes into the bird cage

Got a bird that lays a golden egg, and gave it to the lady. She gave me a key with a blue heart, that i suspect opens the door in the cage the bird was in.

Opened door with blue heart key and got a musical harp, boy was the giant angry. lol

So i chopped down the beanstalk and he fell to the ground. lol

Gave mum the musical harp and she was happy


08-05-2010, 07:19:09
Thanks for the help. Got stuck on that colorcode too.

08-10-2010, 00:24:46
thanks nanna i couldnt figure out how to start either