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08-05-2010, 10:58:16
http://img509.imageshack.us/img509/7743/46860.jpg (http://trinitywars.net)

We're thrilled to introduce Trinity Wars to an expanded part of internet gamers while we are continuing to work to ensure all can join , play and have fun.
The website of the game is http://trinitywars.net
Get a sneak peek at our new forums http://codeshout.net
Blog http://blog.trinitywars.net

You won't need any scripts, plugins or addons ( flash player for example ) to play the game. Just a browser.

The template of the login on Server 2 may be aligned on the left on IE but the game is FINE !

Short: It's a space simulation ORPG. Something like an O-game clone but it's not using any illegal files and has a bit more features.

Has 4 servers:
I - Low Speed - Game X 10 - Fleet X 5 - Production( Resources/Raw materials)X2
II - High Speed - Game X 100 - Fleet X 50 - Production( Resources/Raw materials) X 4
III - Premium Server - Designed just for premium upgraded users, only the admin can create accounts here - Game X500 - Fleet X100 - Production X10
IV - Event Server - This one is available just for events and has custom rates depending on the event.

Well they have referrals, planets, colonies, ships, buildings, researches, chat, shipyard, defences, marketplace, dealer, officer, simulator, vote system, lottery, bank, blog and so much more ...

Thank you all and have a nice day.


Uni1: www.uni1.trinitywars.net
Uni2: www.uni2.trinitywars.net
Premium: www.premium.trinitywars.net
Event: You don't need the link as the accounts are deleted before every event.

We have a new admin.

A new event on server 1. All players have free full premium account.

And a new source for server 1.

08-14-2010, 07:53:45
Event server is now online.

Game X500 - Fleet X 100 - Production X10

Will be online from 15 August to 15 November 2010 - that's 3 hole months.

Upgrades are also available on this server in order to help those special people to get in tops.

If you buy any package on the event server, you will also receive the same package on Universe 2 or Universe 1 ( your choice ) after the Event server is closed on 15 November 2010 so that's like double fun as you will receive X2 Upgrade ( on 2 universes that is ). Offer is available for everything you can see on the donation page.

The winners are the top 10's.

1st place = 30 days premium upgrade
2nd place = 10 days premium upgrade
3rd place = Upgrade Planet Package III
4-5-6-7-8-9-10th places = Planet Upgrade Package I

A new payment option has been added. You can now use Liberty Reserve in order to upgrade planets or accounts!

11-28-2010, 19:54:19
Trinity Wars is an online strategy game. All you need to play is a browser. Take your planet, create an alliance and join forces with your friends. Join now and discover the awesome world of Trinity Wars
Server 1 (slow): http://uni1.codeshout.net/
Server 2(fast & popular): http://uni2.codeshout.net/
100% uptime - offline in very rare cases, unexpected cases. We try and we succed in offering our players a 24/7 online game for them to play when they want and from where they want.
You should use Google Chrome to play Trinity Wars as almost all our features wore tested on this browser.