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08-09-2010, 12:29:26
:stop!: WARNING: This game contains dark themes,& is therefore not intended for children, as it will scare them.
A lost soul searching for anwers. A desperate man screaming for help. A haunted town full of secrets. Welcome to Silent Hill! Silent Hill: Room 304 is a point & click horror game based on the popular game series from Konami Digital Entertainment. Enjoy!

Silent Hill: Room 304 (http://www.gamershood.com/13283/point-and-click/silent-hill-room-304)

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08-09-2010, 15:38:33
Gamershood, dont you think its a good idea to put a warning label on this, just to make sure little kids and people faint hearted dont play this?

08-09-2010, 15:55:51
anyone figure out the code for the safe located in the cabin attic?

08-09-2010, 18:45:03
anyone figure out the code for the safe located in the cabin attic?

there is a card on the desk in the hotel with a clue
the 4 bold letters what place are they in the alphabet a=1 b=2 and so on

08-09-2010, 21:44:42

I can not for the life of me find a key in the trash room in the apartment building. Supposedly there is a key in a hole in there

Can anyone tell me exactly?

08-10-2010, 04:43:54
found a key in the basement of building with the screamer Just getting started. Had trouble navigating and kept end up facing the one place but now in a new place. Late so probably won't finish. I traveled on to Jack's Inn, cem., and school. where is everyone?
Saw one dark firgure. Talked some more with the screamer.
Enough failure for tonight. Zoomed in here and there .. must be places I'm missing. Maybe need to head out of town and see what I can find ..
Been to cabin - which I didn't mention last night. Need key for cabin - screamer doesn't seem to bring up that he might have a key. Keep talking with him .. No progress soon and I'm off to try level 20 on MOTAS again.
school key in junk room - wall - left of light bulb Having trouble with password. Got that - and looked at computer. Evidently some problem on day - but not a big hint toward next step.
sad sad sad .. twilight zone

08-10-2010, 23:28:03
Wow... creepy and very sad... :(

08-12-2010, 01:09:59
cant figure out school computer passowrd? and what happened to mistery?

06-20-2011, 00:48:15
cant figure out school computer passowrd? And what happened to mistery?

what's the computer password???can't figure it out!!

03-23-2012, 23:50:53
what's the computer password???can't figure it out!!

If you look closely in the children's classroom at the green boards...
directly ahead, on the left is a series of fish with one facing (pointing) left with COLON eyes ":" and a number "3" after the word GO. On teh right panel, you see a roman numeral "IV" or 4 and the word AT is underlined: "@" then to the left of the main scene are two more panels. The left one has some math 8/4 = 2.... and the number 2 is underlined. So that one is an equals sign. I thought it was a percent, but it is EQUALS or =. Then on the panel to the right you see a circled question mark and on the bottom left of the poster is a number 1.

so... the password in order is ? = : @

then, after solving the password you access security cameras....

the first "archive" day will show how the school rooms are NOW. if you select the previous day, then switch to the bathroom, you will see something very interesting...

after that, you can...

Return to the bathroom and check out that open stall...
Return to the hotel and tell the guy behind the door his family was not at the school... he will tell you something important.

I'll post more as I play on...

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Ok, next...

From the guy behind the door, you learn he hid the key to the cabin somewhere in the crossroads....
To find the key at the crossroads, look at the upper right of the screen. from center there is one single tree, then 3 more trees. Follow the second of four tree trunks straight down until your mouse becomes a hand with pointing finger.

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OK, so you've gotten inside the cabin....

You enter the living room... There's that brochure that lead this family here... Not much of use in this room...
Entering the next room you find out what happened to Kelly and Johnathan, the guy's wife and son...
The next door leads to the Kitchen/Dining room.... A very obvious tape player sits on the counter.... Not much you can do here yet...

Click on the attic from inside the entrance to the cabin. there's a safe here. Where have you seen anything resembling a combination before?
Remember that note in the hotel?
"fiction reveals truths that reality obscures".
Alphabetically, A=1, B=2, C=3, etc... so that means "fi3ion rev5als truths th1t real9ty obscures" - or in this case, the combination 3519

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You opened the safe with combination 3519 and found a cassette tape. Return to the kitchen/dining area and play the tape.


Return to the hotel and speak with Adrian.

When you are in the school, after viewing the security cameras if you enter the bathroom, you will be attacked and killed by the ghost of Kelly, the wife.

08-30-2016, 14:36:45
Registered on the forum just to post about my trouble. My 9 years old kid had serious problems after playing Silent Hill Room 304 (http://www.horrorscarygames.com/silent-hill-room-304) and couldn't fall asleep the whole night after playing the game. Today he is better, but want to warn all the parents about the content of this game.