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08-12-2010, 18:45:35
(Escape) Poor little kid. You fell into the deep sea pen, & now you must escape! You really want to go home, but just how will you ever figure out how?

16902 (http://kids-heart.natsu.gs/penntakunn.html) PLAY HERE! (http://kids-heart.natsu.gs/penntakunn.html)

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08-12-2010, 22:35:23
i think there is a definite language barrier...made some progress i have fish, stick, reeds?(some plant thing), hook, and small jar....also seal has woken up with the poor baby dead......anybody got any farther?

okay seal wants bigger fish? trying to use hook but nothing happens

08-12-2010, 23:00:55
Did you

Connect everything to make a fishing pole, & use the fish you grabbed on your fishing pole.

08-12-2010, 23:02:04
hook & line, fish, seaweed, - but no code Translation? I tried to share the good one.

08-12-2010, 23:08:24
nannajoy, i found a 3 on the seaweed and a 9 in the jar..have you got any other numbers found?...and thanks onebun i thought the hook and string was it no attachments involved

okay passed music game...cant read the instructions but i just clicked on the notes that looked like this ♪

aaah got treasure chest open the code is 1239 or 1293...forgot which one almost done with puzzle with a bunch of random clicking

okay and OUT! without finishing puzzle? idk weird game

08-13-2010, 00:52:16
Had to go eat mid game - hubby cooked. I have just 2 # - and I still need an item to finish a project so to speak. Seems like I've looked all over and the likely one I see I can't reach due to being hurt.
Found what I was looking for - used and got something which lead to something else, of course. What now?
Done. Good ending?