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08-14-2010, 11:53:26
Website: http://trinitycabal.eu
Forum: http://codeshout.net


Trinity Cabal is our 3D MMORPG Cabal Online private server.

If you want to find out more about Cabal Online, please visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cabal_Online.

One of the best 3D multiplayer games out there.

Why would you play on our server?

Because we make updates daily/weekly, we’ve added new NPC’s, new items ( and more to come ), upgraded the normal shops, increased skill exp to X15000, giving Honour Rank 10 from the beginning, all pets are now lvl 10 from the beginning, free premium account ( all maps, 4 invetory slots ), Tierra Gloriosa 2 Times per day, and much much more.

Also we use X-Trap protection system, encrypted files and an auto-update client so you’ll not need to download patches to often.


Exp x 400

Skill x 15000

Alz x100 (126k drops in FGR)

Craft x 200

Drop rate x 6

Alz bom rate x 10

Items / drop : 2

New Mithril Weapons: Yes

SIGMetal Weapons: Yes

WebShop with crafted 4 slots +7 items including SIGMetal Weapons: Yes

New NPC’s: 2 – Craft NPC ( 80% of craft materials are for sale ), Pet Shop ( all normat pets are for sale, more than 10 types )

Upgraded shops: All shops have new items or are re-organized. Seeling sloted osmium & redosmium & titanium.

New items: Amulet of Trinity (+0, +1, +2), Ring of Divine Luck (+0, +1, +2), CodeShout Circuit ( something like chaos lamp). Most of them can be bought from shops

Auto-updating client: Yes

X-Trap enabled: Yes

For more informations visit http://trinitycabal.eu

08-28-2010, 20:06:03
Now with episode 4 skills.