View Full Version : Escape the Cursed Island

09-13-2010, 01:37:22
Yes, your escaping adventure continues - on the Cursed Island! Oh noes! Naturally, you can't concentrate on escaping, because you have to feed the angry volcano god. Aw, nuts.



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09-13-2010, 01:37:54
I tried to search for this but I couldn't find it soooooooo....

09-13-2010, 17:51:33
timed - hate that .. passing.

09-18-2010, 19:28:01
its super hard...passed

10-05-2010, 16:37:47
Escaped in 1:19, not hard at all..


take map piece, go right twice, take the coconut. go right one more time, take the straw. combine it. go left twice, use it on the waterbucket, go left twice use the water on the first and the last flame, take map piece and combine it remember the symbol that uncovers when you take the map. go left one more, look at map. place the "heads" as one the paper. take the animal. go left again then take the mask from the dude, look up and place it and take the animal. go to computer press the first symbol, go back, and press the computer again press the first symbol then the second, repeat last and press the third.. take key, press left twice click on chain use key on lock. then go right press the tunnel and you're out..