View Full Version : Ball Puzzle

09-03-2006, 15:38:41

heres a link to an eazy game but it does pass the time

Eternal Becky
09-03-2006, 17:16:00
Good game http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/36/36_1_11.gif

09-03-2006, 17:47:13
Need help on level nine

09-04-2006, 12:46:42
Need help on level

here is pic for answer use if needed

09-04-2006, 22:30:34
I could use some help on level 26

09-05-2006, 16:37:25
if you can help me on 11 then ill try to help on 26 when i get there

09-08-2006, 22:57:08
Stuck on 10.

My bf got to 11 so I wont give up! Lol

09-09-2006, 00:50:12
i can't do 11!

09-09-2006, 13:31:44
i need help on number 8!!!

09-09-2006, 18:50:49
aahh i am stuck on 8 2! some one help us! plz!

09-09-2006, 18:52:00
i done it dont worry

09-10-2006, 15:56:47
i could use help on 8 too
tanks in advance:lu:

nvm i got it

just wonderful...now im stuck on ten

k got that

i need help on 13...im stumped...i breezed through 10-12 with lucky guesses prob...thanks in advance

09-10-2006, 19:29:48
I'm stuck on level 28, can anyone help please?

09-10-2006, 21:56:01
hmm 16 got me stuck but ill prolly figger it out

haha tole ya :D

09-13-2006, 16:17:55
im stuck on 8 eny help!!!!

i luv dis music lol - do do do do do do do la la la la la do do do do do do do do la la la la la la do....

nvm dun it im on 10 now

09-14-2006, 00:46:51
Hey, Katie
How the heck did you get past 26. I've been working on it for several days now and have come to the conclusion that it is impossible. Has anyone out there made it through 26?? HOW ????

09-14-2006, 01:39:03
Help!!!! I Am Stuck On Level 28 Can Someone Help Me?

09-15-2006, 02:54:24
haha I WIN I BEAT IT lol it was supppper easy

09-15-2006, 19:37:18
Just to give all of you something to look forward to, just finished the game and there are 30 levels. The last one is the worst of all. Keep playing, don't give up! =}

09-18-2006, 22:57:40
:nzd: :nzd: :nzd: :nzd: :rog:
i am on level 30--------help!!!! hardest level to do so far next to level 28

Great Game!! Never Give Up; All Levels Can Be Done Just Takes Patience.i Rate It A 9---very Challenging But When You Finish A Level You Realize How Easy It Actually Was.

06-03-2007, 04:40:31
can someone help me with level 26? i feel like i'm just doing the same thing over and over with no results......it's annoying!

ok forget about 26, i need help with 27!

sorry, ok i got through 27, kindof easy, but 28, impossible!