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09-16-2010, 15:45:18
Find things and use them wisely, also you have to solve some puzzles in order to escape the comfy lounge. Good luck and have fun!

Play here (http://www.rotuc.com/online-games/comfy-lounge-escape/)

Please use spoilers to give hints:
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old biker
09-16-2010, 17:43:20
sigarettes with a code :laughSMILE: now there s a reason for quitting

09-16-2010, 18:00:01
I am working on that one. It's either very simple (Release date in terms of month and year doesn't work though) or stupid hard (Julia Robert's age minus her bra size doesn't work either ;) )

EDIT: Put that on hold. Now working on the colour puzzle EDIT: Now solved coloured puzzle and got another item for the inventory.

lighter fluid, 3 coloured keys (all used), cutter (used once but still in inventory)

09-16-2010, 18:01:12
I got a few items but now im stuck madly clicking everywhere but nothing !!!!

09-16-2010, 18:22:17
Eek! I've lit the cigarette and looks like I maybe smoking it too! (unless that's a bug)

I'm stuck on the number code and the Charle Wilson's War code. EDIT: Solved the CW'sW code

club symbol, cutter, phone (used)

09-16-2010, 18:25:18
found a bird

old biker
09-16-2010, 18:36:31
i guess i only need to solve the number code ,but ...

aha ,got it

and out

09-16-2010, 18:38:00
I'm stuck trying to interpret the darker sqaures on the chessboard (which may hold the answer to the number code)

old biker!!!! Please shoot a hint my way

EDIT: O.B., thank-you for the hint. I'm out too!

old biker
09-16-2010, 18:43:46
for the vase code witch you can see after putting the clover on it ,vase left below on the rack
numb code is the last one

09-16-2010, 18:54:04
Could someone plz hint about the DVD? I don't get that at all

I have something that looks like a cell phone battery, but can't pick up the phone

09-16-2010, 18:56:09
marit: The stars' names are a clue to the 7 letter code

old biker
09-16-2010, 18:58:13
dvd ?justput the black cell?or whatever on the 2 black dots on the wall ,then later when you find the white i pod ? put it on the cell p and go caway and come back to take it back from the wallhope this helps

09-16-2010, 19:06:13
I if is the battery thing you mean (a grey thing that looks like cell phone battery, nothing happens when I try to do that (I have tried it a lot) And I can't pick up the I pod thingy either

Ah, thanks, Slerk.....helped a lot

old biker
09-16-2010, 19:11:53
first you need to puta black "phone" on the wall then the grey on top

you get both from a code

did you get thebird from the pic and putted it in the clock

09-16-2010, 19:40:15
OB, what/where is the clue for the vase code?

POP, nevermind.

see chessboard, find "dark" squares

I really enjoy these games!! :D

old biker
09-16-2010, 19:46:33
i guess youre out :laughSMILE:

09-20-2010, 15:21:39
I don"t understand!!!!! nvm got it