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09-05-2006, 08:37:35
There are 3 columns of puzzles.
As I understood, the first two columns are from the previous game, the last column contains the 5 new puzzles.



Have some patience during loading (1.5 MB).

09-05-2006, 16:04:14
Ooh, I was looking forward to this game for a long time now.

09-06-2006, 05:43:15
of the new ones...i got 13...12 i understand...just cant get to go right...but the others are lookin just weird to me...

09-06-2006, 06:17:50
murph, I've completed them all with the help from another site, so if there's anything you're in doubt about, just ask me :)

09-06-2006, 15:38:17
yes...i doubt alot!!!

09-06-2006, 17:34:30
Lol, alright :D

Start with the row. Move your mouse over each of the four letters in the row and click the corresponding tile in the 4x4 picture. Once you've done that and 4 spaces will be free, move the 4x4 picture over the grid of colored letters.

Your task is to find the place where the letters correspond to the row. So for example I'd have DCAC in a row and would need to find them in the letter grid, going from left to right.

There should only be one place to find them, once you have change the colors of the yellow row to correspond to the color of each letter.

Now do the same with the column, and you're done.

Your job is to draw each of the 16 arrows on the sides into the grid. Draw on the top right icon and notice the way the arrows light up in, this is the clue for placing them.

So for example if in the first row, the arrow on the left lights up as number 3 in that column, it means it must be placed as number 3 counting from the left, and if the arrow on the right light up as number 4, it must be placed as number 4 counting from the right.

You draw the arrows with the pencil.

Here you control the big circle, the robot by making bars on the left and the right. The left, the red bars are of course for going left and vice versa with the blue on the right.

The higher you make a bar the more time the robot uses on turning, and the wider you make a bar the sharper it turns...I think. You'll need to go underneath the 5 circles in the order green, pink, yellow, red and purple.

09-06-2006, 21:39:24
by the way theme...thanks!!! got them all but 14...i dont get your instructions at all.......

09-06-2006, 22:08:59
can someone help with the lightbulb one?

09-06-2006, 23:08:48
No problem murph, I'll try and make it clearer :)

Look at the picture. There are 2 rows and 2 columns with 4 arrows in each. Each of the 4 arrows point in a different direction.

Now draw with your pencil pointer on the top right icon, the one where the pencil is over on the picture. Now concentrate on one row or column at a time and notice what order the 4 arrows light up in.

Let's say they light up in the order I've written on the picture, if we look at the column on the right. First the down arrow, then the left arrow, then the right arrow and finally the up arrow.

This is the key to placing them. If we start with the up arrow which was fourth, this means that it must be placed in its row, in the fourth field, and since we're in the right column we'll start counting from there, hence it will be 4321, NOT 1234. Then you draw an up arrow in that field, the one I've marked 4.

Now you go to the left arrow, which was second. Hence it must be placed in the second field from the right, the one I've marked with a 2, so you draw one there. You do this with the other two arrows as well.

Now you draw in the upper right circle again and watch one of the other columns and rows, and you do this until you've filled out the grid.

Note however that I didn't put the arrows in the right fields, I just chose random positions for the example.

09-08-2006, 03:53:41
i need help with the light bulb one

09-08-2006, 04:16:46
I love these games even if they are hard. I finally beat it!!!!:itchyscra

09-08-2006, 11:19:10
i dont get any numbers come up on 14? dont get it the arrows just all flash when i draw round the circle

09-08-2006, 11:30:03
I don't undersland the light bulb one, got them all conected and now what?

What's up whith the numbers on the side?

09-08-2006, 11:31:38
i need help with the lightbulb one ... someone please help meeeeee

09-08-2006, 11:45:14
Did someone solve 12 (lightbulb) yet? I really dont get it.
I got all the others, even without help, but 12 is really:damncpu:

09-08-2006, 12:03:29
I'm getting there with the lightbulb.
you can make all the connections so the #8 digit is totaly lit.
the lightbulb works if you connect it to both sides of the connectors ( the white things you can drop).
i'm as far as that, number 8 is lit and the bulb is working just got to figure out what the numbers in the right top corner are for

Nevermind I've finished the game!!!

hint to solve 12 figure out which number you have to lit with the digits

09-08-2006, 17:34:07
Hayles, there aren't supposed to be numbers, I just drew them in for clearance for what I wrote about how to do that puzzle :P

09-08-2006, 19:51:45
I solved the first puzzle... the thing down opens... and there is one lighted... but no numbers... what do i have to do??? pls help anybody!

09-09-2006, 01:29:08
i cant seem to do nething....i have a screen thing that comes up but theres nothing to click drag etc. is this like lvl 1 or the menu or w/e
can someone help?

09-09-2006, 07:51:40
I've made all of the bridges except for the last one. I've cut it perfectly at least a dozen times and it won't accept it (it's won't turn green). Any help would be awesome. Thanks!

09-09-2006, 08:13:48
Nevermind, i figured it out, but i had to restart the level

09-09-2006, 10:11:39
can someone help me with 7?

09-09-2006, 12:07:04
I can't do anything on 1! I notch it right but the nothing else happens.

09-09-2006, 12:46:57
help with lv. 13?

09-09-2006, 16:19:36
#14 is really getting on my nerves.... i know the solution... and i can write SOME of the arrows.... but i dont know how to move the selected area.....

i hope u understand my question... my english is not that good

09-09-2006, 19:03:03
i need help with 12 and 14!!!

09-09-2006, 19:41:40
I'm very much stuck on number 12, the one with all the lightbulbs and wires and poles? what's going on! >_<

edit: actually, i think i need help with 12 to 15, lol

09-09-2006, 19:49:32
oops i need help on 13 and 14

09-09-2006, 22:20:01
oops i need help on 13 and 14

the idea with this puzzle is to get boxes in the right order, by color.
first you have to turn the red handle, to charge the battery. then pull down the handle.
use the yellow handle to move the magnet up and down
use the blue handle to move the the magnet from one side to the other.
AND REMEMBER use the handle in the bottom to decide wether you need the electricity or not..
also remember to charge the battery often

09-09-2006, 23:04:43
on number 12 I know what all the connections are... but I'm still unclear as to the level objective.

Top Horizontal = L1xR7
Middle Horizontal = L7xR2
Bottom Horizontal = L5xR6

Top Left Vertical = L4xR1
Top Right Vertical = L6xR5
Bottom Left Vertical = L2xR4
Bottom Right Vertical = L3xR3

09-10-2006, 02:11:46
For #12 look at the grid of numbers at the top right. What number is missing from the grid? use the connections to make the screen show that number.

09-10-2006, 07:42:15
hanfgarn, for moving the selected field in #14, you need to draw something in the desired direction, a line will do, so for example draw a line going towards right to move one square to the right. I think that if you draw it long enough you'll go 2 squares.

And nice to see a Dane btw ;)

09-10-2006, 14:15:36
stuck on #14- what is the goal? are all the boxes supposed to be filled, is that it? how are the 4 pre-filled columns surrounding the grid supposed to factor in. can some one at least tell me what the boxes in upper L/R corners do? L-erases current box but wont move to previous, R-lotsa random flashing?? m i that dense or is this one confusing to anyone else even after reading the past posts?

:thk:NVRMND I AM THAT DENSE CANT BELIEVE I WAS SO STUCK!!! I watched my little one play a dance game and remembered reading in another forum how solution was easy if you played dance dance rev. this makes me feel pretty s-l-o-w:thk:

09-11-2006, 17:21:17
could i get help on 8 pleeze iv don it b4 but cant remember how to do it

09-29-2006, 23:21:15

just to prove i made it past 11, here'sthe walktrough:
you have to begin with the row letters. move your mouse across each of the four letters in the row part and click the matching square in the lens/4x4 movable grid thing. after you did that, 4 spaces will be clear, move the lens/4x4 movable grid thing over the bigger grid that has the colored letters in it. you have to find where the letters for the row match the row. so like if you had the letters DCAC for the row, you would have to find them in the same order, in a row from left to right in the bigger grid of letters that are colored. there's only one place where you can find the letters you ned in the same order that's for the row or the column. then you have to change the color of the yellow things outside the bigger grid, to the color of the letter that's in the grid. do the same thing with the column letters, and you got it! YAY! YOU BEAT 11! JUST, LIKE, ME!
okay, your welcome for the walkthrough! :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: YAY ME! WOO HOO! sorry, i get carried away easily...

11-08-2006, 06:05:59
i found question 12!

See in the right list ... you not see one number, the number 5!

you need show the number 5 in the digital display.


L1 -> R7
L3 -> R3
R1 -> L4
R2 -> L7
L5 -> R6

Need spoil to number 2 ... i dont understand the voice... i dont understand the 2 and 4

04-05-2007, 21:13:54
!help! Someone Help Me On 15 And 14


07-14-2007, 15:44:06
Got them all!!

08-10-2007, 19:07:27
just started i wanna try to finsh it all with out readin all your comments on what to do!! ill try anyway!

08-13-2007, 17:32:05
(1 etc aren't for CD3, those are from the first game, but still: )

for 1, after you have made the key and used it:
try clicking on the little black things at the top of the screen and the left of the screen; it will make something move ... move them over the holes

Anza Power
05-14-2008, 14:23:12
Got them all except #12, and no I'm not interested in ANY hints or stuff, wanna do it on my own, wish me luck:).

05-14-2008, 14:59:02
just solved level 1 and 5.....

08-21-2008, 12:20:31
need help with number 6&12

08-21-2008, 12:48:45
only need help with no.12