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old biker
09-26-2010, 16:47:24
Train Escape 2 is the second episode of Tren point and click room escape type train escape game series from Escape Games 24. In second episode, you try to escape from the room by finding items and solving puzzles.
Good luck and have fun!


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09-26-2010, 17:45:38
Not getting along so quickly:(A broom, used to get a face mask, which I assume I am wearing, a key, and some boards. Used but still available

09-26-2010, 17:51:10
Let me see if I can help you, although I doubt it because I usually need a lot of help myself :laughSMILE:
tools, wood(used), broom(used), mask(which I clicked and then it rolled up?, key

In second room now, saw a number there and now I need a place to put it.

09-26-2010, 18:05:22
tool, to the left of the green tool box, gets you into the next room
Use the key and get trapped with an impossible puzzle, that I can not back out of to look for clues.

make a note of the number you see before using key

09-26-2010, 18:13:23
I right there with you and stuck aswell. Like I said, I'm useless :haha:
I have tried a few things but nothing is clicking yet. Do we need the numbers that are in the room?

09-26-2010, 18:17:54
Yes, just sent you a VM:0

old biker
09-26-2010, 18:18:23
been clicking on the puzzle for 20 min

yep wright everything down

left side looks like O up and 7 under and right side upside 2 lines on the outside and H below(looks like a big H

hope it helps

09-26-2010, 18:22:22
I am missing the first numberTop left - nada, top right-4, bottom left-7, bottom right-0

Thanks Biker, that was not what I was expecting. Gotta go, so I will have to finish later.

old biker
09-26-2010, 18:32:51
no numbers ,the puzzle is so weird ,got it bi messing and trying to connect lines

see my edit above

09-26-2010, 19:09:59
Here is a picture of the puzzle, only open if you really don't get it.
(first time that I've used print screen and it worked, yay me :appl:)
I can't make heads nor tails of it. Not seeing what it is. Thanks Biker for the help :hug2:

Made some progress and I now know why there are not usable items on the right bottom of the screen.
And stuck again. I need another number but I can't even remember if I've ever used the other one.

Still here on my own and still stuck. I need help :S
Found another item near the sink in the laboratory.
Looked at the walkthrough because I didn't wanted to start over to see what I've missed.
Pay close attention to the writing on the computer because there is a number on it that you need.

and out

09-26-2010, 20:15:12
Here is a picture of the puzzle, only open if you really don't get it.
(first time that I've used print screen and it worked, yay me :appl:)

Good Job :appl:

Edit: I am out:D

09-27-2010, 15:30:46
Thanks Yvonne! I'm out too :D

09-27-2010, 17:34:15
out... tanks 4 da hep

09-27-2010, 22:22:02
That puzzle made NO sense. Anybody understand where that "design" came from ?

09-27-2010, 22:29:18
Nope, I still don't

09-28-2010, 03:26:12
Thanks Yvonne. Missed the number on computer and definitely needed that to escape. Puzzle was very strange.