View Full Version : Reincarnation: TBOH (The Backfire of Hell)

09-28-2010, 10:06:39
A new point and click type game in this cool game online game series. Take a road trip with our demon friend and find if the Reincarny is back to his evil ways.


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09-28-2010, 12:31:54
Cool game, not too difficult:D

09-28-2010, 14:30:42
Only two screens :(. Ah well I still liked vanquishing the bad guy.

09-28-2010, 20:15:03
The name sounds like Hell needs a tuneup! I'm goin' in...

Fun game! I liked that it was a bit easier this time :D

09-28-2010, 22:49:41
Fun game. I do wish it were a little longer, but at least I got my "fix" of the Reincarnation game and didn't have to wait too long. :D

09-28-2010, 23:21:56
Good, short and funny as always :P

09-29-2010, 01:22:26
Can't figure out what to do with the screwdriver. Can someone help? NVM got it.

09-29-2010, 01:25:49
Fun game also i missed the 3rd full game which i got to catch up on :)

i beleive that had something to do with flashlight

09-29-2010, 04:54:50
hope this helps

get the towel from the chair
open right sunscreen or whatever its called get bronze key
change screen
click the red and blue wires up on shelf
unlock toolbox with the bronze key
get screwdriver from there
click yellow bucket to get a cigarette lighter
cli9ck peg close to the back doors to get a new key go back to front
use electric wires on the wires stickin out from the car stereo
use silver key to unlock glove compartment
get flashlight
combine screw driver and flashlight
go to the back again
use battery on cables
go front
zoom in on the car stereo turn it on
set cigarette lighter in the hole under the radio
close the close up
go to the back again
remove the lid from the generators gas tank
insert towel
set it on fire and yur done

09-30-2010, 01:35:08
yeeeeeees another reincarny game! im so glad they are making these quicker

11-07-2010, 22:58:40
I guess I won...there was an explosion - did I die or win?!