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old biker
10-02-2010, 19:17:40
Escape from Room with Veranda is another Japanese room escape game. In this game you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles.

Good luck


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10-02-2010, 21:30:32
stuck withice cube, one battery, remote, & a roll of tape

10-02-2010, 23:06:14
Have the same items as MSmiss but I've used one of them
ice cube, view in about to find key
Other than that, I'm stuck too.
This doesn't seem to be a good night to play escape games because I can't seem to get out of the rooms. :D

Giving up for now on this one too. Not getting anywhere.

10-03-2010, 00:04:22
Got a bit further still.

In inventorynote, remote w/ 1 battery, stick, knob, scissors (used), tape (used)was sure I could reach the red key, but no dice.

Borderline pixel-hunt.

Persisted a little, and now have a banana peel :D

Out on the "veranda", looking down at the ground, and stuck. Meh.

10-03-2010, 05:26:10
3 items. see others I can't reach. I enlarged page to 400% which helped find one item. couldn't break codes ..
Time to head to bed.

old biker
10-03-2010, 17:22:40
finally some time to play
found remote ,battery ,paper with clue after turning it around, stick and tape
i guess i can say ,there a views in a view :wink:

and done :D

2 hard things to find stick ,click doorknob and in that view click right below ,find stick

and click a lot on the doorknob and he will come in your items and the scissor will be on the table

10-03-2010, 21:50:44
Out thanks old biker for your help

10-05-2010, 15:39:03
out - thnx 4 hep

10-24-2010, 19:30:25
can't get page to open...