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10-06-2010, 04:03:28
Yes, you've all guessed it, I'm working on a new book and I don't have a title for it! o:

I've been calling it Nameless for quite a while now, and it seems so unfair...

Here's a rundown:
Main character:
Raven Leanora Bluestone
Long, black hair, waist length
Green eyes
Tanned skin
Half Irish half Cherokee

Other characters of interest:
Wolf Manes
Black hair with a purple undertone, slightly long
Glacial blue eyes
Somewhere between tan and white colored skin
75% English, 25% Italian

Asher Harris
Werewolf, Raven's roommate
Dirty blond hair, short
Brown eyes
Many mixed races, mostly white

Long, white hair, waist length
Hazel eyes
Very powerful
Very white, slightly translucent
No race apparent

Aradia Scott
Long, blond hair, past her shoulders, mostly curled
Dark blue-gray eyes
Goes under the alias Mary White
Mixed races, mostly white, may have some Spanish

James Badger
Dark brown hair, short
Brown eyes
A good fighter
Half Italian half French

Seath Barrington
Blond hair, neatly combed, short
Dark blue eyes
Always well dressed
Well known amongst student body
Peach colored skin
Mixed races, could have some American Indian or Spanish

Raven is a werewolf that's been located by Wolf, and at first she starts to feel sick. But once he gets her to the school everything seems ok...for a little while. She meets all kinds of characters on her quest to figure out the truth behind what's happening lately around there. People are dying, especially people close to her. She falls in love, twice actually. The first time with her teacher, and the second with a vampire that's bent on making her believe what he's telling her. Was it truth or lies? She thought she could trust him, having imprinted on him, but how can she be for sure? Raven's quest ends up taking her down a path of goddesses and lies, conspiracies and murder and magic. She travels across the globe, taking her wherever she may land, and she starts to unlock hidden powers and features about herself that she never knew possible.

Ideas welcome! :D

10-06-2010, 11:12:26
(Sorry it took so long to approve this thread! :shy:)

It's WONDERFUL to hear you're beginning another one. Sounds like another creative work! It's 3:11 a.m., so I have no creative ideas, but if I do, I'll post! :D Looking forward to it!

10-06-2010, 23:54:36
Thanks Escape :P I welcome your ideas! Heh. :)