View Full Version : Adrenaline Challenge

09-06-2006, 16:08:08
I play this game over and over again and it never stops being fantastically enteratining. Drive you bike through nail-biting levels, flipping, driving backwards, you name it. Try not to damage your driver! Easy at first but gets increasingly harder! Great game!


09-12-2006, 03:59:27
hey its a great game but im stuck on the mountain climbing level... any hints on how to beat it??

09-16-2006, 00:57:18
I adore this game and i too play it over and over.

But can anyone work out how to do the last level? I can't work out whether i'm supposed to go up or down. If up am i leaping left or right? And if down how do i get past that pointy bit?


cant touch this
10-26-2006, 23:47:44
here are some codes to help pass through the game.
zombie skin/invincible skin
"I feel like ****"]

Pirate skin
"I need some rum"]

knights armor
"I am shiney"]

horse motercycle
"give me a pony"]

crazy monkey skin
"banana love"]

hope everyone likes!