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old biker
10-14-2010, 22:50:22
Steal Gold And Escape 4 is fourth episode of Steal Gold And Escape point and click escape series created by Ainars. Your task is to search for gold that is hidden in the underground abandoned bunker, solve riddles, find items and then unlock the door to escape from abandoned bunker!

Good luck


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10-15-2010, 06:22:09
and Gongtats!, yeah...I love this series and the new twist is challenging...:cattail:

10-15-2010, 16:13:20

10-16-2010, 17:10:46
Gongtats to me too! That one item was so cool--like night vision!! :D

10-16-2010, 19:42:59
Hmm - I've done either 4 or 5 of 6- should have noted them LOL Go Mizzou!!
Can only count 4. ? sign in one small room that looks like it has nail heads or thumbtacks in it. And on down the line above a hint sign is also something I can't seem to do a thing with. A nap is calling as soon as this game is over - 3:25 on the clock.
Mizzou won and I'm off for a nap. Hard work helping them via thought waves.