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10-15-2010, 10:16:05
Want to win a free iPAD (http://www.r2games.com/article.aspx?id=8) and thousands of dollars in in-game prizes? Try Caesary (http://caesary.r2games.com/) at R2Games (http://www.r2games.com/)' new Jupiter server! R2Games is looking to expand its Caesary player base with 6 limited events! The world of Caesary is vast and the roads to success many – Join now, and be the one first to develop your empire in the race to become Caesar!

About Caesary

Caesary is an intricate empire-building game, where players build their empires while fighting against thousands of other players in a rich Roman-themed world. With a host of unique features designed to enhance various styles of game play, Caesary can be enjoyed by both casual and hardcore players alike. Manage resources, design cities, recruit heroes, and set out to become the dominant force in the world. Caesary holds all this and more for the aspiring Caesar.

About R2games

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Caesary Website: http://caesary.r2games.com/
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