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old biker
10-19-2010, 18:44:16
Mougle Blue Room Escape is another new escape room game from Mougle. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles.

Good luck


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10-19-2010, 19:30:55
I have a clock, a pin, and an unlit candle. Hmm. I'm feeling very blue...

10-19-2010, 19:51:29
I have a clock, a pin, and an unlit candle. Hmm. I'm feeling very blue...

I'm in the exact same place. :angry-dude:

10-19-2010, 19:52:02
I've moved on. Try throwing something through a window. ;)

I now have a blue box, a lit candle, an iron rod, and a code on a piece of paper.

10-19-2010, 20:04:44
Where is blue box ?

I have Fish Food but don't know how to use it !

10-19-2010, 20:07:06
And out!!! :D

@Donaud...Click on the fish tank, and then in that view, click the top of the tank and you will get a straight down view into the tank.

10-19-2010, 20:17:24
Missed that view... Thanks Escape :)

Stuck w/ an apple.

Out. Unusual code for the last key. Was there a hint I missed ?

10-19-2010, 20:19:44
Have you Found the knife?

If not...Do number code on wall to get the knife. It has nothing to do with the paper with the code, btw. ;)

old biker
10-19-2010, 20:29:04
stuck withdoll face and code
that puzzle was not really obvious :)

10-19-2010, 20:37:59
@Old Biker....click around the forehead...

old biker
10-19-2010, 20:43:24
thanks :D talking about obvious

and out

10-19-2010, 20:51:40
hehe. :D Congrats!

10-19-2010, 22:49:56
Glad to be out of that one, I thought the number puzzle was going to be a magic square, way over thought that one:D

10-20-2010, 04:54:13
yup,over thought that one...DUH...

10-23-2010, 16:31:42
got out with very little help!

10-24-2010, 05:45:05
@tipper75 I was trying the square the same way...lol :cattail: