View Full Version : Black Market (beta) smooth role playing sci-fi game!

10-23-2010, 20:24:33
In this new game from Big Block Games, you play as an intergalactic trader who must hold his own against pirates, the confederacy, and the like. It's a beautiful game with smooth graphics and an enjoyable soundtrack. It's similar to the tradewinds series but with a great dash of space cowboy storyline.

Features include:

Purchase new ships
Upgrade your character's skills
Fight your way to victory through combat
Interact with different factions
Unlock new planets
Equip your ship with greater weapons and items
Complete a variety of missions
Unique dialog choices
Use your master trading expertise to become a billionare

PLAY HERE (http://www.bigblockgames.com)


12-10-2010, 15:46:24
Really a wonderful game ! I like the graphics alot ! and the flow is crazy ! You just cant stop playing !