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10-30-2010, 22:01:57
Hey people most of us love to visit to hills. but you can't stay there for long without any company. unearth the objects and use them wisely in order to escape from there asap.


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10-30-2010, 23:41:39
Ok.. I'm stuck already.. I got a few items, and letters, but don't know what to do with them?

N, E
Knife, 4 matchsticks, 4 bullets, I also have a handgun, but I think I had that from the beginning of the game

Any ideas on what to do?

10-31-2010, 00:02:05
You can click on the gun and load it

old biker
10-31-2010, 00:04:44
i put the bullits in the gun and found a weird hotspot right below the counter
and shot the chains by the door
in new room now
used 3 matches on cupbord with black dot

10-31-2010, 00:12:49
i put the bullits in the gun and found a weird hotspot right below the counter
and shot the chains by the door
in new room now
used 3 matches on cupbord with black dot

How did you combine them? The gun and bullets

EDIT: Nevermind, got it :) Nicely combined..
But now.. I have to use one of the items to light up the dark room, I just cant figure out how to use the item correctly?

old biker
10-31-2010, 00:23:04
cant get suitcase open ,tried anagram solver for letters ,no go ,and havent used knife yet

ok used it now :)

10-31-2010, 00:25:28
old biker:
Did you light up the dark room? You used the Match sticks how?
And where did you find the fourth and last letter?

EDIT: Found the fourth letter, but don't know in which order to use them.. But stille stuck with the dark room

old biker
10-31-2010, 00:32:19
there are 5 letters that s the weird thing

:laughSMILE: opened suitcaseHILL of course

10-31-2010, 00:36:33
old biker:
I got 4 now, which letters do you have, and where did you find them?
I got the letters L E N T , or at least i think it's a L
But still, have you figured out how to light the dark room?

Nevermind, I found the last letter, Now I have 5 letters L E N T i
And I got to light up the dark room :D Making progress now
Got all the letters, used them on the little blackboard in the "dark room" and I got a key..
Don't know where to use the key though..

old biker
10-31-2010, 00:42:25
have to restart ,used my last match on cupboard :sad:
its a bug

and out :D

10-31-2010, 00:47:45
old biker:
I used 3 of them on the cupboard, and the last one to light up the room.. What's the bug?
Don't know what to do with the key..

I'M OUT!!!!! :D :D :D Just had to click the right spot.. Jesus..

old biker
10-31-2010, 01:01:21
:applause: feels good to be out :D

10-31-2010, 01:02:15
Indeed. Feel a little stupid though after getting out, took me 75 minutes to figure it out :P

10-31-2010, 16:01:42
Seriously, got almost done, but have no 'e'... used everything already too!

Ooops... had to go back to the other room to get it (was hard to navigate back there!)... and "Yooo Hooo I am at last out... " :D

10-31-2010, 17:50:08
I'm out!!

10-31-2010, 18:05:07
I'm out too:P Got the gun to load today:)

11-01-2010, 04:29:47
Read the hints but can't find cupboard to use matches on - tried all I can in first room. Also just have 4 letters LENT - been in dark room but evidently can't light candle until I've used 3 of 4 matches on the cupboard. Even tried tile/backsplash areas. back to hunting a letter ..

11-01-2010, 15:28:51
Where in the world is this "dark room" everyone is talking about?

Okay, managed to get to it, but I didn't do anything different than before. Weird.

11-01-2010, 15:59:52
yooo hoooo... that was ez-

11-01-2010, 16:43:21
Out, thanks for the help