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old biker
11-01-2010, 18:40:54
Mediterranean Adventure 1 is the first part in this point and click adventure game series sponsored by Cafe Cafe Games. You are a student trapped in an archaeological excavation. Find the treasures as you unlock your way out of this mysterious tomb.

Good luck


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11-01-2010, 22:44:57
3 treasures, and 5 other things. slow going so far
EDIT: used my 3 items. Had dinner. and have 3 red things.

buggy game - when 4 gold things are used a new area should appear. I realized my first 3 only showed in 2 spots - so restarted to see where I had erred. Thought maybe I had miscounted.
I'm at last out. Somethings took several times before they worked.
when rope is used click it in items list and then click on stick to right, then click on rope in item list again and click on log - and then you need to make the rope taut ..