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11-09-2010, 13:12:08
Toriaezu Escape 1 is a Japanese point and click type escape game. Gather items and use them to escape the room.

Play here (http://toriaezu.nao-shige.com/1stescape.html)

Please use spoilers to give hints:
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Please do not post a video walkthrough for at least 7 days.

11-09-2010, 15:26:30
I thought this game was easy until I got to the 4 number code with the squares...Stuck

11-09-2010, 17:58:52
I got where you are slerk... 4 number code - 5 squares?

11-09-2010, 19:21:19
The first (right-most) position is times 1 (5^0), the second position (from the right) is times 5 (5^1), the third position is times 25 (5^2) etc.
So the hint with the three squares is (from right to left again): (0 x 1) + (3 x 5) + (2 x 25) = 65

11-09-2010, 21:18:56
The square code was pretty obvious, but the triangle one isn't - to me at any rate!

Got it! Roman numerals!

11-09-2010, 21:46:57
A small black triangle is I (1), two small black triangles is II (2) etc. A big white triangle is V (5), and a big black triangle is X (10).
Small left of big is minus, small right of big is plus. (just like IX = 9 and XI = 11)

old biker
11-09-2010, 22:04:36
very obvious ....
im out of here :D

11-09-2010, 23:23:43
Out of here too but without getting out. Not getting the squares and triangles. Kinda tired now to do some serious math...:P

11-10-2010, 02:19:57
say what??? sorry...don't comprehend the math...moving on now

11-11-2010, 00:36:29
How do you pick up the cloth?