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11-25-2010, 15:35:52
Arab Salon is point and click type escape game from escapegamesland. Arab salon room is the place where you have to escape.Find items use them and escape. good luck and have fun


11-25-2010, 16:24:31
Good morning! Mmmmm...smoking a hookah

EDIT: Well, not ACTUALLY smoking it. I think I need to put something on the charcoal. Crawling around on the rug, checking to see if someone dropped a little chunk ;)

EDIT: And out. (I had missed a second view of the cabinet. There are TWO puzzles to solve)

11-25-2010, 17:43:32
Have found key (used), pick, gong mallet (?), two green cylinders (placed). Still need to find 3rd green cylinder, use pick and solve shapes puzzle at base of front pillar, and number puzzle on base of gong.

EDIT found 3rd green thing (in plant, duh), used pick on wall and got answer to shapes code, then got tobacco(?) for hookah. Now thinking that the gong mallet might be a match!!!! lol. Still need to solve numbers puzzle

OUT. After I realized that the object was a match, it was easy!!!!

11-25-2010, 18:01:23
Keep going. I'm rooting for you Scissors!

old biker
11-25-2010, 19:45:00
good game :D

11-26-2010, 18:52:52
on what wall do you use the pick?? have tried all I could find, no luck

never mind, found it.....realized I had to zoom in

11-26-2010, 21:32:20
i escapeded

11-27-2010, 13:10:34
Have been working on this one since yesterday but I'm still stuck.
Solved 2 puzzles but haven't found any clues for the others.
click on arrow on floor, click on the top right side of the wall to get a zoom in view of the bricks.
Okay, after that it is easy, out now.

11-28-2010, 04:37:10
that was hard! needed lots of help

11-28-2010, 05:21:33
Actually finished with no help. Yeah me!!!