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11-30-2010, 17:09:59
In this point and click game developed by Wild Harmony Studio, you were captured by the Mafia and have been locked in a room... you must to find a way to escape from there before they come back for you... Good luck!

Play Mafia Escape (http://www.wildharmonystudio.com/play/mafia-escape)


11-30-2010, 18:22:21
So much for me... I don't get the math! Checked EG24, and everyone has different numbers, so no help... :(

11-30-2010, 20:10:52
This one is pretty weird. I have :

opened the Friends/Enemies box, 3 pocket watches (but can't seem to make the #'s work for the drawer, used baseball bat to break pipe, box of matches, $2.00 bill, and 6 of the 8 code colors.


Found another watch, and a $1.00 bill (VERY hard to see), and now a $5.00 bill (equally small and hard to see :|)

Got drawer open :D

Used blowtorchto cut lock off of the door, and STILL stuck with 4 clocks (?)

Found key in fireplace (once you put fire out)

And OUT !! That was a thinker !

11-30-2010, 23:16:56
Have found and used everything except the fourth clock, which I need to finally ecsape.

POP Found it, but still haven't gotten out yet. :)

Tried just about all clock postions and still not out.....grrrrrr

12-01-2010, 10:29:34
Solution for the two equations (example):
F + E = 218
F - E = 208
2F + 0 = 426
F = 213
E = 5

12-01-2010, 14:08:04
Out, but I had to BF some things:?

12-01-2010, 19:03:54
Looking for the illusive 4th clock pixel

EDIT: pop

12-01-2010, 20:54:18
I have done the math, ergo, if I can do it, everybody can do it.
I used the explanation from Miller on EG24 and it worked.
My equation was:
b=2 and a=483
I hope this makes sense to all that are stuck. It really did work for me this way and I hate math.
Got door open but I'm stuck with my clocks. Can't seem to make them work. How frustrating it is to get a for me difficult Math equation and now I can't get the door unlocked.

12-01-2010, 21:30:44
I opened the box of friends + enemies, but now i'm stuck! help anybody

I'm out!

12-01-2010, 22:00:09
My biggest problem seems to be that the friends and Enemies box won't accept three number answers, which makes zero sense. That has to be a bug of some kind. With the numbers I have been given in the game at least one answer has to be three numbers.

edit: Well, I got the that uses the money open Still stuck on the friends and enemies box because of the oddball number issue.

12-02-2010, 02:36:35
are you kidding me??? those equations make no sense to me at all!! I'm done with this game....too frustrating

12-02-2010, 03:25:55
Don't like complicated equations, so I used my own method for figuring the friends/enemies numbers.

Of the two numbers given, subtract the lower # from the higher #. Divide the difference by 2 to get a small number (enemies). Add the small number to the lower of the two original numbers and that total should be the friends #.

You should be able to add and subtract the enemies # from the friends # to get the two original numbers.

Hope that makes sense.

12-03-2010, 23:34:05
the equation for friend/enemy thing is alot easier than most ppl posted...
for example


all you have to do is subtract both totals

divide it by 2
50/2= 25

then subtract that from the + equation
300-25= 275

so x= 275

Hope this helps :D

08-13-2018, 01:33:38
Seems that Wild Harmony has closed shop. Moving to Broken Links...