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old biker
12-06-2010, 17:13:55
Light Bulb Escape is a new escape game from Wild Harmony Studio. You are trapped in a strange place...and the only thing you know is "the lightbulbs are important", but you don´t know why
Solve the puzzles and get out from there!

Good luck


Please use spoilers to give hints:
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Please do not post a video walkthrough for at least 7 days.

12-06-2010, 17:28:38
Found 4 shapes (used) and got spoon and key (used on book), 4 letters O-I-T-M, and two bulbs, solved mirror puzzle and got hammer

EDIT used hammer on side of desk, got key, used on blue door and found 4-digit puzzle

old biker
12-06-2010, 17:34:38
i guess letters are different in every game
need to google for code ?

12-06-2010, 17:37:48
Progress used spoon on dirt in plant, got scissors (lol), used on picture for another bulb
Anyone have clue for 4-digit code?
Just noticed stork clue under the table, stork + stork (???)

old biker
12-06-2010, 17:41:58
2 storks :laughSMILE:

code probebly from book
got 3 bulbs too

12-06-2010, 17:45:37
Googled both people but no similarities in dates of birth/death

12-06-2010, 17:48:29
I have the same person on both pages.....?

5 letters and 3 bulbs

12-06-2010, 17:49:18
I have Mother Teresa and Virginia Woolf.

MD, where was 5th letter?

old biker
12-06-2010, 17:51:46
tried to add the birthday s togheter but nothing

edit ,yep me too scissors

and not the year she won the nobel prize ...or both ,added together

12-06-2010, 17:55:29
tried to add the birthday s togheter but nothing

That worked for me.....good thinking!!!

old biker
12-06-2010, 17:59:11
that worked for you ???

what were youre letters ?

:o now it worked for me too :crazy:

still missing 1 bulb

12-06-2010, 17:59:50
Worked for me too. Nice job, OB. Now have 4 bulbs and 5 letters. Guessed on my word (missing 1 letter) and got into next room. Got 5th bulb! Found rag and got 6th bulb!

Placed bulbs and got color clue for ???

And out, what a dunce!

12-06-2010, 18:02:49

and OUT!!!

I had Mother Teresa on both pages....added her birth year together.

My first, FIRST!!!!

old biker
12-06-2010, 18:07:58
mine was escape

:appl: muddogg

out too now ,
very good game
for color code click on the colored steps of the stairs

12-06-2010, 18:39:41
Have 5 letters, 4 lightbulbs... can't find 6th letter or make an educated guess :( ADDLE -- tried saddle, paddle, daddle, raddle waddle---tried an anagram solver with one letter missing too! YAY!! Found Letter #6 hiding way in the corner of the picture on the wall - my word was LADDER

... and OUT! :D I really liked that one!

12-07-2010, 16:35:44
I got Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton, and my word is maniac. It costed me a long time to guess cause I'm not a English speaker.

12-07-2010, 16:39:46
Mother Theresa and Marie Curie... out-gooood one

12-07-2010, 17:16:02
Tesla an Mother Teresa, and it was demanding;)

12-07-2010, 19:58:37
So far I have five letters and two lightbulbs. I'm not quite ready to look at the above hints. I plod on

EDIT: Okay, "Uncle". I'm peaking...

EDIT: Thanks guys for the hint with the number code. Now I'm missing 1 lightbulb and I have nothing left in my inventory. Plodding some more

EDIT: There's the last bulb. How could I have been so blind? Hmmm, now what to do with THAT code? EDIT: Of course! I just had to make a step in the right direction ;)

12-07-2010, 21:11:25
Done everything there is to do.
I had Ghandi and Edison. Word was locked but I had to guess one letter.
Stumped about where I have to put the colorcode.
I have come this far and not a clue here on what to do next.
Duh...blonde again.
you need to step on the colors in the right order to get the lights on.

12-07-2010, 22:22:34
Out! Nice brain teaser there. I had Da Vinci and Edison for my clue. Worked it like a maniac until I figured the blasted thing out. :D