View Full Version : Red Room - Graffiti

12-16-2010, 14:38:35
A new room escape game by Ninja Motion. Find items and solve puzzles to get out of the red room. Good luck!

Play Here (http://www.ninjamotion.com/games/escape/red-room-graffiti/)

old biker
12-16-2010, 17:55:21
out ,buggy game

12-17-2010, 09:51:19
I didn't have any problems with the game. It's pretty easy.

In one of the lockers next to the blue painting, it's taped in the ceiling, I think.

12-18-2010, 00:30:56
I didn't have problems either.
I'm out without help

12-18-2010, 17:40:16
no problems, per say, but I can see some little bugs. Like I've already gotten a key, but when I click the place where I found it, I see it again for a second.
I'm not sure what to do after I have found and used that key. I have done graffiti on Einstein (sp?) and Marilyn but am unable to do the graffiti on the other places. I have yet to find key to open lock by Marilyn.

aha, need to put ink in the pen first - and don't know what to do with grabber thing.

done all graffiti now, but still wondering about grabber and a code that I need. I see that paper sticking out of one painting, but can't get it with the grabber.

ok, I am out now, but only because another forum gave me a code - which I have no idea how people were able to get. I never used grabber or blue paper that was in my inventory. I think it is buggy - only way to explain for these strange things.

12-19-2010, 18:49:38
Good game !