View Full Version : Snowy: Treasure Hunter 2

09-15-2006, 18:54:41
Play game:


Eternal Becky
09-15-2006, 19:15:35
Aww such a cute game. But there are only 6 levels so I am going to download it now :D

09-15-2006, 20:19:57
yeah cute xD

im gonna downlaod too

12-04-2006, 23:14:12
on episode 2 level 17, I need them all to fall down into hole so I can exit grrr!!

My Ice bomb does not seem to kill them, only one at a time and I only have 3 ice bombs

Any help would be great.

EDIT: sorry I am playing the first snowy treasure hunter, not the 2nd

12-08-2006, 01:10:53
I passed the level! :nzd:

Anyone need help, just ask

This for the first snowy treasure hunter