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12-23-2010, 15:50:28
Cryptic Castle is a new point and click adventure game created by Selfdefiant. Your late Aunt Milly left you the Family Castle. The castle is said to have many secrets hidden deep within. You thought it would be fun to see what kind of treasures you can find! Good luck and have fun!

Play Cryptic Castle Here! (http://www.melting-mindz.com/cryptic_castle.php)

12-23-2010, 23:50:46
First, hmmm? Well, I have 7 coins, 3 clues, and can't get in the front door! C'mon people!
Orange gem, and in too.
Well, it took almost an hour, and a lot of help from eg24. Finally out!

12-24-2010, 00:38:24
27 coins, orange gem, black key, goblet, knife, lighter, seen two color/piece clues.

Solved drawer puzzle, found red gem.

Now white key. 29 coins and silver key.

38 coins, pink gem, and a rusty key.

Rooms are getting confusing now; should have drawn a map!

44 coins, blue gem.

47 coins, SD and yellow gem.

Used sword, got green gem.

45 minutes, time to give it a rest for awhile, cyl

12-24-2010, 08:30:23
Help. what is the code for the box? With the 4 trangles???? Thanks.

12-24-2010, 19:16:03
See I'm way behind in coins. And working on code to front door. Now 7 coins & one other thing - just need the code. tried several combinations.
In by trial and error. hmm 5X3 drawer puzzle. Take all year by hit or miss. LOL need a clue.
Tried knife in 2 places - neither worked. *sigh*
22 coins, black key used, knife used, goblet, blue gem, orange gem, lighter
Need white key. Found clue for dresser. Still need that key and also silver one.
screwdriver - used but still have, Yellow & red gems. I read a note but not sure what it means.
I saw a couple of items mentioned I've not seen. Think I've got to just hope this saves and take a break.

12-24-2010, 22:38:42
white key is outside

12-26-2010, 04:43:26
I got out, mostly on my own. Thanks SD:)

12-26-2010, 04:45:35
Grr! my game didn't save.
Back to where I was and heading back outdoors to search.

12-26-2010, 04:51:13
That's okay, I restarted at least five times, and could catch up in five minutes. I'll be around for a bit if you need help:)

12-26-2010, 05:37:51
Hunting keys .. found white one. Now puzzle box. Hmm.. did I miss a clue? Or see it and it leaked out my ear?
OK - unless I missed one, not that one each is clicked on - tried all 48 combinations.
OK - not finding a clue .. maybe sleeping on it will help.

12-26-2010, 20:57:21
Hunting keys .. found white one. Now puzzle box. Hmm.. did I miss a clue? Or see it and it leaked out my ear?
OK - unless I missed one, not that one each is clicked on - tried all 48 combinations.
OK - not finding a clue .. maybe sleeping on it will help.

is on the "Uric note", in the room to the right of the White Key Door. Look at the words in italics. (Note that Rome, is not in italics)

12-26-2010, 22:39:05
Back again and think I'm back to where I was. Before driving off one of the things on my list to relook at was item you mentioned. Thanks for letting me know to leave that one out. LOL Several I debated about.
have yellow, orange and red (know where the blue one is - got to go back for that), 26 coins, knife, screwdriver, white key, lighter and sneaky coin.

Having trouble with connection - wind blowing cable? so I moved on and
saw 4 words - tried just first letters and then used all letters in words (8) and neither worked. I'll go back and stare again .. Grrr!
two more words added - so working on that. and another one.
Ahem - finially got it before I was bald. noted one out of order ..
got rusty key and warm fire now So I am making progress.
needc at least 2 more keys. have 7 gems.

dinner break and now back to hunting. Hmm? need to receck rooms to see if something new showed up? Can't find swim wear to take a dip. found a possible clue but not sure where to try and use it.

12-27-2010, 02:38:44
Some wrote: trouble with front door, but nobody gave a hint.
First screen you see green 18; blue 15, red 13 and yellow 19
For a 4 digit code the 1s
place them alphabetical: Blue 5; Green 8, Red 3 and Yellow 9.

12-27-2010, 03:25:48
Hi bip. I was visiting rooms again to see where what I need is hiding. Still hunting - but also had to pop up and do hubby's eye drops. Missing two keys *sigh* - gold and blue.

12-27-2010, 04:11:48
Some clues I wrote down through my journey :)
up right d l l d u
windrose o grün s blau w rosa n gelb
east green south blue w pink n yellow
the log is for golden key, go from entrance up and up, last room, stone picture, click the edges in order of the first numbers5 SW 5
9 SE 12
7 NE 9
15 NW 10
11 SW 8
buch 476
blau gelb lila rosa rot grün blue yellow purple - orange - pink red green

Behind door with golden key, light candles, picture felt, put gems in (look above hint)

12-27-2010, 04:29:41
Thanks bip for key clue. Thought the clue for next step was from pool room. But nothing happens. Perhaps my notes not right? or need a different hint.
Out at last! Only 45 coins. May play again and see if I can find more.

12-27-2010, 16:44:06
The gem colour sequenc from inside pool, in the ceiling are stones, that change colour by click.