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12-27-2010, 18:44:46
Alpine Adventure is a new point and click adventure game created by Selfdefiant for Escapegames24.com. You are on a mission to recover a stolen disk. The enemy spy that stole the disk has it hidden somewhere in this house in the Swiss Alps. You must find a way inside and recover the disk while the enemy spy is busy skiing. Good luck and have fun!

Play Alpine Adventure (http://play.escapegames24.com/2010/12/alpine-adventure.html)

12-27-2010, 22:39:58
well I'm stuck ( not surprising )
I havesd (used once still in inventory), wrench (used & gone from invrntory), one battery (no idea where that goes), 2 billiard balls (won't go on billiard table yet), & a sneaky coin

12-28-2010, 00:00:34
Ahh, yes.... I did need a little help from the walkthrough (navigationally if nothing else)!! :D

12-28-2010, 00:12:25
A battery, 2 Ball, SD and Black keyI am not looking at a WT yet, far too early:)

knife, silver key, white key

12-28-2010, 00:38:57
I wandered around for a very long time before I checked the WT for hints!! :D

12-28-2010, 00:46:31
I#m out with the help of eg24. The navigation drove me crazy,although a map isn't necessary.
on window in stair room
on upper picture bottom frame in kitchen
on TV in first bedroom; use on knops on pole in first room
in bedroom with silver key star puzzle
You need 5 billard balls

12-28-2010, 17:42:41
Where is the map? Have picked up 2 things, notice 3 things that I don't know what they are, and see once again I need keys. A brisk day in SW FL with travels staying in our area longer than planned due to closed airports up north.
Progress - 7 things in my item list. Still a puzzle I've not figured out.
Movie is a clue? hmm.. Long Hot Summer with Paul Newman I remember but not this one LOL
have sd, balls 2,3,4&5 and sneaky coin. What am I missing?
#1 yellow ball in bathroom using clue for movie. Still need rusty key
clue for balss?
out ..

12-29-2010, 01:49:47
Finally got back to this, out on my own:D